Monday, 24 October 2011

Vivo Cosmetics week!

This week we thought we would do something different, and taking a break from our fave high end make-up brands, we are trying the new supermarket brand which has been taking the blogging world by storm 'VIVO' available from Tesco. Stace was lucky enough to win a twitter competition VIVO ran and won the make-up needed to create a flawless face. So what did we think??
We will bring you the different stages to create the perfect flawless face over the next week or so, and end with our conclusions on the brand.
First impressions of the brand when looking at the packaging were very promising, it didn't look cheap, and wouldn't look out of place next to some of the more expensive brands on our make-up table.

The first products we tried were the primer (Approx £6 for 25ml) and the highlighter (approx £3.60 for 50ml).


So first off the primer. This is one of the most expensive VIVO products. The product had a good consistency, very thick, and when we first tested it on the back of our hands, the results were no different to high end brands we have used- silky smooth hands!

The next product we tested was the highlighter. This felt slightly runny, and the hole the product comes out of is quite large, resulting in far more product than needed coming out, it also had a funny sheen to it.

Then we began to make-up Stace's face with the products. Before hand she had just cleansed and toned. The primer swept over the face easily, and only a little of the product was required. The product did not stick on the skin surface, instead soaking in leaving a lovely silky base perfect for the next layer of make-up. This felt like a very substantial base that would hold make-up in place.

Stace with primer on her skin

Next we applied the highlighter. As mentioned before it does come flying out and you really don't need a lot of this product. I love the idea of highlighters, especially as my skin gets older, but it does always feel like another extra step to the morning routine. The product applied easily to the face, and did not feel uncomfortable at all on the skin. It highlighted the skin well, and definitely made the skin look more radiant. There was a bit of a pink tinge to the product once it had settled on the face, and this may have been a result of using too much product. The photo shows excellently how it radiated the skin.

Stace with the highlighter on her skin

So far, so impressed with the brand VIVO! Stay tuned over the next few days to watch us build up the face with the rest of the products, and find out which products we loved the most!

Stay Beautiful!

Stace & Mags x

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