Thursday, 24 December 2009

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

Hope you are all enjoying the festive season, and having fun experimenting with lots of different skin and make-up techniques.

We thought we would bring you our top five things to take with you in your handbag, whether you are staying at friends and relatives for Christmas, or out and about in the festive season:

* Vaseline
A must for the cold weather, protecting the lips, and can be used on dry skin on the face/hands anywhere. And so cheap and small for a handbag must have!

* Dry Shampoo
If you are staying away, you may not have time to wash your hair, and central heating can play havoc with your hair do. Spray a bit of dry shampoo, (James Brown is a good make) and your ready to go!

* Face mask
The alcohol consumed at Christmas can dehydrate the skin very quickly. A travel sized face mask will bring your skin back to live the day after. If you don't have time to leave it on for the suggested amount of time, use it as a face wash instead.

* Versatile moisturiser
Something that can be used on face, hands, legs. Travel size miniatures from any of the brands are perfect for this - I save my Liz Earle samples throughout the year to take away with me.

You may not have room for all your make-up or time to spend slaving over your face when the turkey is cooking and potatoes are boiling over, but a quick stroke of mascara will instantly glam up any look.

Merry Christmas to you all and Stay Beautiful during the festive season!

Stace & Mags x

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Body Shop make up party

Body Shop make-up party

A few weeks ago we hosted a Body Shop make-up party. This was a great chance to try out all the make-up products and order some good bargains for Christmas presents.

Couple of highlights:
* Shimmer cubes
Love the spearmint colour, these are amazing value as you get so much in one little cube, and each pot has four cubes, excellent value!
* Eye shimmer
This amazing product brings liquid eye liner to life. When applied over liquid liner, the colour changes from black to a shimmer colour which appears to change in the light - perfect for Christmas parties!
* Lip and cheek stain
This is a great two in one, which makes you look like you have just stepped in from the ski slopes (without having to be cold!). Just kissed lips and bright alive looking cheeks, great for winter chic.
Body Shop brushes are my new make-up must have, they are so soft and glide over the skin.

This party was a great chance to get friends together before Christmas, and we had a great time applying make-up to each other and trying out all the products! Highly recommend a Body Shop at home party!

If you are new to Beautiful You, view our older posts in Seasons, or click on older posts at the bottom of the page, and enjoy!

Stay Beautiful!

Stace & Mags x

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Spot the difference

Spot the difference
No one likes to talk about that dreaded S word…but unless you are really lucky, we all get them from time to time. And it always seems to be that really important Christmas party you’ve been waiting for when you wake up in the morning with the biggest, reddest spot ever…There is no miracle cure, but there are things you can do, so hopefully by the evening you will hardly notice it at all!

First things first, I dab a thick layer of whatever clay face mask I have lying around the bathroom, directly onto the spot. Liz Earle Intensive Nourishing mask usually does the trick. I leave this on for as long as I possibly can (half an hour if you have the time).

I then rinse this off with cool water and cleanse with Clinique Anti Blemish clarifying lotion (an absolute life saver if like me you suffer from outbreaks alot…but more of that another week!)

Imagining this is the morning before the big party, I then dab some Liz Earle spot on to the spot. This can be applied throughout the day, even after make up has been applied.

Come the evening, I would apply my foundation as normal, and then use a cover up, such as Laura Mercier secret camouflage (the stars use this for their dodgy looking days too!) and blend with a brush until I can no longer see the spot. Sweep some bronzer over the whole face and your ready to go!

If all else fails, choose a part of the face to over accentuate. (Deep red lips for under the mistletoe encounters??), grab your party shoes, think happy thoughts and have a great time!

Have fun at those Christmas parties this weekend, and Stay Beautiful!

Stace & Mags x

Sunday, 6 December 2009

It's all about the eyes!

It's all about the eyes!

Semi permanent eye treatments are all the rage at the moment, I'm a celeb runner up Kim Woodburn famously had her mascara 'tattooed' on before entering the jungle. The treatments are great for holidays when applying and re-applying mascara is just too much like hard work, or for the Christmas party scene when forgetting your mascara is just one disaster too many for those inevitable nights when you leave the office for the pub and stay out all night.

Read on to find out more about these treatments...

* Eye brow tint
Benefits: Adds depth to pale brows, tints grey hairs, matches your hair colour and frames the eye. Perfect if you suffer from almost non existent eyebrows and find yourself constantly drawing them in.

* Eye lash tint
Benefits: Lengthens and thickens lashes, conditions the eye lashes, adds definition to the eyes. This treatment lasts up to 4 weeks, so will cover you right through to the new year!

* Eye lash perm
Benefits: Removes the need for eyelash curlers, opens the eyes. This lasts for 12 weeks, and is one of our faves, no more fiddling around with the eyelash curler, and the opening effect this has on your eyes can also knock the years off! Perfect for this time of year!

(all tints and perms require a patch test)

Our good friend Jess is currently studying all things beautiful at college and is offering these services in the area of Salisbury at a discount rate! Contact us at for more information.

Enjoy those Christmas parties, and remember...

Stay Beautiful!

Stace & Mags x