Thursday, 17 December 2009

Body Shop make up party

Body Shop make-up party

A few weeks ago we hosted a Body Shop make-up party. This was a great chance to try out all the make-up products and order some good bargains for Christmas presents.

Couple of highlights:
* Shimmer cubes
Love the spearmint colour, these are amazing value as you get so much in one little cube, and each pot has four cubes, excellent value!
* Eye shimmer
This amazing product brings liquid eye liner to life. When applied over liquid liner, the colour changes from black to a shimmer colour which appears to change in the light - perfect for Christmas parties!
* Lip and cheek stain
This is a great two in one, which makes you look like you have just stepped in from the ski slopes (without having to be cold!). Just kissed lips and bright alive looking cheeks, great for winter chic.
Body Shop brushes are my new make-up must have, they are so soft and glide over the skin.

This party was a great chance to get friends together before Christmas, and we had a great time applying make-up to each other and trying out all the products! Highly recommend a Body Shop at home party!

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