Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Bare is beautiful

Bare is beautiful

It's very rare these days that a beauty range comes along and totally changes the way you do things. But one has...Mags talked about Bare Escentuals, Bare Minerals in her last blog, and echoing that, I am going to nod towards their foundation range.

I once read, that when you try a powder foundation you will never go back to a liquid one, but never believed it. Doesn't the powder stick in my wrinkles? Isn't it messy? Does it really cover my spots/black circles/blemishes? The answer to all these is yes. This product is a revolution and you need it in your life!

I have loved my liquid foundations for near on 15 years, so believe me, you are preaching to the unlikely to be converted. But after trying the range for only a week, I was hooked.

Why? I could never possibly create such a flawless finish that highlights my features but doesn't actually look like I have plastered my face in make up. It's subtle, it's like make up for grown ups! And better still, the fact that the minerals are natural, means it actually HELPS my spots, not like normal foundations which can suffocate and worsen spots. It feels light, as if no make up is on my face at all, and if I am off out in the evening, a simple top up suffices, rather than having to redo the entire face.

The foundation is SPF 15, and when you buff it on the skin, it acts like a liquid foundation. In a future blog i will guide you through how to apply the foundation. But for now, I couldn't wait to tell you how much fun i have had discovering this brand and changing my entire make up routine!

Mags has beautifully modelled the entire face in Bare Minerals make up before and after, so see for yourself!

And my liquid foundations? Firmly in the bin I'm afraid...

Stay beautiful!

Stace x

13th April 2011