Wednesday, 8 June 2011

The old ones are always the best...

The old ones are always the best...

There is nothing I love more than welcoming back an old friend. And that is just what happened with this product is. It is a product that often wins awards, and when you use it for a few weeks you can see why. What am I talking about? Estee Lauder, DayWear advanced multi-protection anti-oxidant moisturiser, that's what.

When I was in my early 20's this was a staple of my skincare, but I had to stop using it as it clogged my skin, seemed to sit on the surface and not melt into my skin, and would occasionally cause breakouts. A chance happening upon this product a few months ago in the form of a free sample, and I thought, why not try it again. With age my skin has matured, and now, knocking on 30, my skin loves this product. It turns out on closer inspection, the product boasts the technology to fight the first signs of aging. Probably a reason why when I first used it, my skin did not agree with it. And a great example that we should reassess our skincare with age.

With 50ml costing around £35 it can seem expensive but a little goes a long way. It absorbs easily, leaving my face radiant and moisturised all day, without the greasy feeling of some face creams. I can visibly see a reduction in wrinkles, with a smoother overall appearance of my skin. And the added SPF15 (which 10 years ago I would have shunned, oh how age changes us...) is that extra SPF boost we should all be using, whether or not our foundations have SPFs or not. Sun damage is the most aging damage of all.

I will be continuing to use this product, and perhaps review other products I have been using since my early 20s to see if they are still as effective as they used to be. The Summer is a great time to review your skincare so why not do the same?

So, I might be getting older, but I have the best tools in my kit to ensure my skin looks and is in great condition.

Stay Beautiful this Summer!

Stace x

8th June 2011