Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Put your best foot forward...

Put your best foot forward...

Unusually this year we have experienced some gorgeous Summer weather, and I don't know about you, but I am guilty of running around the garden barefoot, living in my very worn in flip flops, and generally enjoying the sun and not giving my feet any TLC.

Ridiculous, since this time of year is when the feet take centre stage and are paraded around for all to see, finally free of the winter boots and socks. So tonight I gave myself a quick pedicure for busy people. 2 key products, Liz Earle foot scrub, which I massaged in while my feet rested in a bath of lukewarm water. Once they were patted dry, I then smothered them in Liz Earle foot repair.
The result? Deliciously soft feet, just aching to be painted with some lovely OPI nail colours. Happy feet, ready to face the world and make the most of their time in the spotlight.

Stay Beautiful this Summer.

Stace x

21st July 2010