Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Bride eyes!

Regular readers of our blog will remember this time last year wedding fever was in the air! With my one year annivesary fast approaching, I decided to look back on my wedding day look and talk about one of the most important aspects of my look in more detail, my eyes!
Wedding eyes are hard to get right. Enough drama for photos to look good, but low key enough for you to look natural in person on the big day. With no make-up artist available, Mags and I took lessons from a Chanel make-up artist, and created my wedding day look, and I was very pleased with the outcome!
The tools
We picked Chanel for the eye make-up. Why? The quality of these high end products is amazing, yet they are really easy to use.
Les 4 Ombres beige velour, retailing at around £35

Stylo yeux waterproof eye liner in green - yes was sceptical too!
The green eye liner really highlighted the green in my own eye colour
The technique
The technique really is very easy, and is all about layering the eye colours to achieve the desired effect. To be honest, the brushes that came in the eyeshadow were very small and fiddly so I bought better ones to do my eye make-up. Here's how we did it:
Start by using the lightest cream colour and cover the whole eye area, including highlighting the eyebrow area. You can be quite liberal with the amount here!

Next add the pink colour to cover your whole eye lid and blend with first colour

Add the lightest brown colour to half your eyelid, again blending as you go
The darker colour can be placed in the corner of the outside of the eye to add definition, a little eyeliner under the eyes, a stroke of mascara and your good to go, see I said it was easy!
And a quick one of me on my wedding day!
What are your wedding beauty tips? Are you getting married soon? Tell us all about it! tweet us @beautyu and let's carry on the wedding talk!

That's all from me for a few weeks, Mags will be here with lots of exciting beauty news, so watch this space!

Stay beautiful!

Stace xxx

Monday, 26 September 2011

Vivo Cosmetics competition win!

This is not what I had planned to blog tonight, but I was too excited and had to share this with you rather than my scheduled blog.
A few weeks ago I entered a Vivo Cosmetics Twitter competition on my personal Twitter account @stace15 (follow for my non-beauty related ramblings). I love these Twitter comps as it really is as simple as retweeing the competition details, great coverage for the brands and gets people talking. Anyway, I actually won!! Yes little old me! Needless to say it made my week!

So how excited was I when I got home from work today to find a shiny package of Vivo cosmetics goodies:
Look at all my shiny new make up!!!
And yes another photo for added impact!

So what was included in my winnings?
  • Highlighter
  • Primer
  • Gold dust bronzer
  • Mattifying loose powder
  • Baked blush
  • Baked bronze
  • Trio eyeshadow palette
  • Blush with highlighter duo - Sweet Peach
  • Blush with highlighter duo - Sugar Candy
The blogosphere has been swarming with talk of Vivo Cosmetics lately so I am so excited to be able to try out all these products and give them an honest review for you all to enjoy!

In the meantime, have any of you tried these cosmetics, and what do you think? Let us know @beautyu on Twitter.

Stay Beautiful!

Stace xxx

Friday, 23 September 2011

Do you dare to bare?

A few months back I told you about my new love affair with Bare Minerals
make-up. I have now been using this for a while, and as my pots began to run out, I wondered what would be the most cost efficient way of stocking up. I happened to be in our local Debenhams store when they had a big sale day and they were flogging the set I am going to talk about today for £30! Naturally I snapped up  this offer, and even wondered whether I should stock pile! When Debenhams have their 10% of beauty department sales they are so worth a visit, as well as 10% off your firm favourites, who knows what other treasures you may uncover!

This set may have been an older one, some left over stock, but the contents are very similar to the Get Started boxes which retail for around £40. (Check out feel unique for these make-up sets).

So what is in my treasure box I hear you cry?!
Bare Minerals SPF 15 foundation in light and fairly light, Mineral Veil and Warmth
Bare Vitamins Skin Rev-er Upper
How to guide DVD

Flawless application face brush, Full coverage kabuki brush, Maximum coverage concealer brush

 And this lovely pink box to keep it all in!

I was very excited with my purchases, and couldn't wait to tell you all about them! I think the set is worth it for the brushes alone, which are fairly expensive. And the Skin Rev-er Upper I have never tried, so watch our for a blog soon! 

Feeling a Bare Minerals tutorial coming on with all this excitement!
Let us know what great bargains you have had lately by tweeting us @beautyu

I'm off to Swirl, Tap, Buff, have a great weekend and Stay Beautiful!

Stace xxx

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

My OPI Obsession

Today I wanted to take some time to talk about OPI nail lacquer (or nail varnish!)
I rarely wear nail varnish on my fingers for the simple reason that it always ends up chipping off after doing the household chores! But when I do, I always opt for OPI. Yes it's expensive retailing at approx £10 for a 15ml bottle, and near impossible to find on the high street.
Website famously sells OPI into the UK. Luckily my local salon always uses OPI so I buy mine from there.

So why do I love OPI so much?
Firstly there are the creatively wonderful names that never fail to light up a dull day:

Fiji Weejee Fawn

Bogata Blackberry

The names are just great! And the colours are divine. The above two being some of my favourites. I always have Bogata on my toe nails, adding a bit of sophistication in flip flops and when on holiday, and it is great for Christmas party chic on finger nails, adding glamour and colour to the little black dress. Fiji was my colour of choice for my wedding, subtle yet elegant, and if it chips it is far less noticeable!

The application of OPI is easy, even with a novice like me! I don't use any under coat, apply one reasonable layer over my nails, and once dry apply a thinner top coat. Drying is very quick, after about 5 minutes it is only slightly tacky and after ten minutes dry.

The brushes are very user friendly, and don't drip (unless of course you overload the brush!)
Fifi weejee fawn on the brush

The end result is a shiny, glossy finished, professional looking nails. There are so many colours to choose from to suit all different outfits and occasions. And even with my hectic lifestyle, chipping is often only after a few days of wearing the polish, and can easily be touched up.

My nails after one application (excuse the dodgy application, I am no nail technician!!)

Brilliant for a day time look or a glamorous night time look, OPI gets it right every time! I know some high street brands are much cheaper, but try OPI, you won't be disappointed. Bottles last 24 months once open so they won't go off quickly like some cheaper brands.

What is your favourite OPI colour? Let us know on twitter @beautyu 
Our comments box is currently not working, but we hope to get this sorted soon!

Stay Beautiful!

Stace x

Saturday, 17 September 2011

My hero night cream!

Recently, I’ve reviewed my hero day cream. It’s only fair that I’ll also share with you the second part of the secret to my dewy, rejuvenated and fresh looking skin. This time it’s my hero night cream!

Created by the same company as my day cream, it’s Elemis’ Pro-Collagen Oxygenating Night Cream!  I don’t usually fell in the trap of using one brand for all; however, this time, after two pots of this thick cream there is no way back for me! I’ve tried to use other brands as the cost of this potion (50ml = £92!!!) exceeds my beauty budget, but I’m hooked and I can’t be cured!

Reasons for my addiction?

  • Delivers results – The staggering price always kept me away from purchasing this product, until I’ve seen it in a set with Pro-collage Marine Cream for the price of one (usually available just before Christmas on I decided to try and by the first application I’ve noticed visible results. The thick cream sinks into the skin really quickly, not leaving any residue and greasiness on the surface. I feel my skin tightens a bit when the cream is applied and feels clean and fresh – silly to compare but it’s like oxygen particles sink into my skin helping it breathe! Hard to explain but the clue may be in the ‘oxygenating’ part of the name. When I wake up my skin looks and feel fresh, clean and radiant, like I’ve just cleansed and toned it! Sometimes I feel reluctant to put make-up on as my face looks fab the way it is after a night’s sleep. But then, I use my day cream which I also love!
  • Thick and rich consistency and subtle smell – its thick and creamy consistency is fantastic for a night time! The product distributes evenly on the skin and sinks in very quickly, helping the skin to repair after being exposed to pollution, dust, A/C and other environmental effects of every day.
    The smells is very subtle, too, which is a big plus as it doesn’t  annoy when falling asleep. 
    • Less is more – the best maxim for use of beauty products! A pea size of this product is definitely more than enough – don’t overflow the skin. Firstly, it’s too expensive to waist that fab product on your hands and chest area, as you’ll need to use the excess someplace. Secondly, this cream is so rich in texture that a little goes a long way!
    My skin is in a fantastic condition at the moment! I wake up with skin looking refreshed and ready to face the world as it looks if I’ve already applied make-up. This product delivers results – I know, as my skin loves it! Do you dare to try?

    The best way to purchase that product is from the shopping channel QVC as they provide the best offers with lots of products in a pack, for less money! Check out around Christmas season (end November – beg December) for the fab offers! Once we find out about the offers, we’ll let you know on our twitter account - @BeautyU. I’ve also seen it on

    Let me know what you think if you’ve tried this cream before?

    Stay beautiful!                    

    Mags x

    Sunday, 11 September 2011

    My hero day cream!

    Recently, I’ve discovered that my sensitive skin was demanding a bit more of TLC so I decided to go on a quest to find the perfect moisturiser for a day for my super sensitive skin with no cost compromises!

    I’ve tried different creams, lotions and gels but none of them stands out as much as Elemis’ Pro-Collagen Marine Cream!  Today I call it my hero day cream and actually can’t live without it! I know it’s pricey but a few things that convinced me to stick with the product are:
    • Delivers results – I’ve used it a few years ago, when I first discovered Elemis and didn’t like it then. I thought it didn’t suit my skin and couldn’t see any results. My skin was misbehaving but I thought it was down to the ‘wrong’ day cream! Today I know, I’ve used this product just for a couple of weeks, which is not enough to see results as the skin needs to get used to the ingredients – main is Padina Pavonica (brown algae) - which now helps to keep my skin at bay and makes it look radiant.
    • Less is more – In the past, I’ve used too much product on my skin! A pea size is more than enough – don’t overflow the skin, it doesn’t provide more moisture to the skin, just sits on the surface. Also it lasts longer hence the cost (50ml - £76.60) may be justified!
    • Keeps it plump – my skin is in a fantastic condition at the moment! People ask me if I had facials recently, as my skin is revived, plumed and looks glowing! I just say that it feels like I’m having a facial every day!
    • Gel-like consistency and smell – this isn’t just any thick cream! The gel-like consistency helps to apply and evenly distribute the product on the skin. It makes a perfect base for any make-up; however, I usually wait about 10mins after application to make sure it sinks in and is working its wonders. The smells is very subtle so it doesn’t distract or cause headaches.

    Today my skin looks radiant and plumped! I don’t have as many blemishes as I used to over the last couple of years! I can’t wait to wake up, cleanse my skin and apply the product onto my face, for my skin to feel fantastic and be ready to face the day! (pun unintended!) However, be patient with using this product as I know it will deliver results!

    You can either purchase the product directly from the Elemis website ( or at Elemis’ beauty counters in John Lewis’ stores around the UK. Otherwise, QVC also stocks that product and that’s where I buy it as they provide great offers with lots of products in a pack, for less money! Check out around Christmas season (end November – beg December) for the fab offers! 

    Let me know how you get on if you decide to try this wonder cream!

    Stay beautiful!   
    Mags x

    Monday, 5 September 2011

    King of moisturisers?

    King of moisturisers?
    I have literally just tried this moisturiser, so apologies for the lack of picture...but the moisturiser my Mum has been raving about is a high street favourite...Jergens Ultra Hydrating body moisturiser.
    This brand has taken the moisturiser industry by storm in the last few years. This product claims to 'Immediately relieve dryness' and boasts 96% natural ingredients, including jojoba oil, avocado and olive oil. With an RRP of £4.99 for 200ml or £6.49 for 350ml this is incredibly good value, and in some shops I have seen it on offer for half price or buy one get one free promotions, knocking the socks off of my high end moisturisers.

    So, now we know the claims, how do these stack up in reality?
    This is a pretty good moisturiser. It absorbs quickly, smells clean and fresh, but not overpowering. I slathered one arm with Jergens and one without, and this morning, the one with Jergens felt and was visibly smoother, including a nice smooth elbow, compared to the other arm which now really needs attention - especially around the elbow area! The moisturiser reacted well with my sensitive skin. My Mum has been on the quest for a decent moisturiser for years' and is over the moon she has found this affordable, high performing moisturiser.

    This product can be bought in all the usual high street suspects, Boots, Superdrug, and the big supermarkets as well, Tesco Sainsbury etc.

    Jergens also have a brilliant website with more information about all of their products, many of which I hope to review in later blogs:

    Right, I'm off to stock up on what is sure to be a bathroom staple of mine!

    Stay beautiful, and look out soon for some product reviews coming from Mags!

    Stace x

    5th September 2011