Saturday, 17 September 2011

My hero night cream!

Recently, I’ve reviewed my hero day cream. It’s only fair that I’ll also share with you the second part of the secret to my dewy, rejuvenated and fresh looking skin. This time it’s my hero night cream!

Created by the same company as my day cream, it’s Elemis’ Pro-Collagen Oxygenating Night Cream!  I don’t usually fell in the trap of using one brand for all; however, this time, after two pots of this thick cream there is no way back for me! I’ve tried to use other brands as the cost of this potion (50ml = £92!!!) exceeds my beauty budget, but I’m hooked and I can’t be cured!

Reasons for my addiction?

  • Delivers results – The staggering price always kept me away from purchasing this product, until I’ve seen it in a set with Pro-collage Marine Cream for the price of one (usually available just before Christmas on I decided to try and by the first application I’ve noticed visible results. The thick cream sinks into the skin really quickly, not leaving any residue and greasiness on the surface. I feel my skin tightens a bit when the cream is applied and feels clean and fresh – silly to compare but it’s like oxygen particles sink into my skin helping it breathe! Hard to explain but the clue may be in the ‘oxygenating’ part of the name. When I wake up my skin looks and feel fresh, clean and radiant, like I’ve just cleansed and toned it! Sometimes I feel reluctant to put make-up on as my face looks fab the way it is after a night’s sleep. But then, I use my day cream which I also love!
  • Thick and rich consistency and subtle smell – its thick and creamy consistency is fantastic for a night time! The product distributes evenly on the skin and sinks in very quickly, helping the skin to repair after being exposed to pollution, dust, A/C and other environmental effects of every day.
    The smells is very subtle, too, which is a big plus as it doesn’t  annoy when falling asleep. 
    • Less is more – the best maxim for use of beauty products! A pea size of this product is definitely more than enough – don’t overflow the skin. Firstly, it’s too expensive to waist that fab product on your hands and chest area, as you’ll need to use the excess someplace. Secondly, this cream is so rich in texture that a little goes a long way!
    My skin is in a fantastic condition at the moment! I wake up with skin looking refreshed and ready to face the world as it looks if I’ve already applied make-up. This product delivers results – I know, as my skin loves it! Do you dare to try?

    The best way to purchase that product is from the shopping channel QVC as they provide the best offers with lots of products in a pack, for less money! Check out around Christmas season (end November – beg December) for the fab offers! Once we find out about the offers, we’ll let you know on our twitter account - @BeautyU. I’ve also seen it on

    Let me know what you think if you’ve tried this cream before?

    Stay beautiful!                    

    Mags x

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