Monday, 5 September 2011

King of moisturisers?

King of moisturisers?
I have literally just tried this moisturiser, so apologies for the lack of picture...but the moisturiser my Mum has been raving about is a high street favourite...Jergens Ultra Hydrating body moisturiser.
This brand has taken the moisturiser industry by storm in the last few years. This product claims to 'Immediately relieve dryness' and boasts 96% natural ingredients, including jojoba oil, avocado and olive oil. With an RRP of £4.99 for 200ml or £6.49 for 350ml this is incredibly good value, and in some shops I have seen it on offer for half price or buy one get one free promotions, knocking the socks off of my high end moisturisers.

So, now we know the claims, how do these stack up in reality?
This is a pretty good moisturiser. It absorbs quickly, smells clean and fresh, but not overpowering. I slathered one arm with Jergens and one without, and this morning, the one with Jergens felt and was visibly smoother, including a nice smooth elbow, compared to the other arm which now really needs attention - especially around the elbow area! The moisturiser reacted well with my sensitive skin. My Mum has been on the quest for a decent moisturiser for years' and is over the moon she has found this affordable, high performing moisturiser.

This product can be bought in all the usual high street suspects, Boots, Superdrug, and the big supermarkets as well, Tesco Sainsbury etc.

Jergens also have a brilliant website with more information about all of their products, many of which I hope to review in later blogs:

Right, I'm off to stock up on what is sure to be a bathroom staple of mine!

Stay beautiful, and look out soon for some product reviews coming from Mags!

Stace x

5th September 2011

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