Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Foam hair colouring...a load of froth!

Foam hair dyes, a revolution in at-home hair dye... or not?

It's not very often here at Beautiful You we find a product we really don't like. Mostly we are astounded by the results of the beauty products we try. But just once in a while something will really disappoint us. And disappoint this product did.

John Frieda, Precision Foam Hair colouring, that's what I am talking about.

The company has spent a fortune advertising this product. Pages of adverts have been sighted in my monthly mags, television adverts on every ad break, no expense has been spared in getting the word out about this supposedly 'revolutionary' product, and of course, the other home hair colour brands have followed suit.

Now let me set the scene, I have been an avid at home hair dyer for 15 years. Yes, I would love to have my hair done at the salon, but the at home route is the more affordable one for many of us. I have stuck to the same colour 'Lightest blonde' and experimented only with two brands, both of which I cannot speak highly enough of. L'Oreal Excellence, for an all over colour twice a year and the actual 'revolutionary' Perfect 10 from Clairol to attend to my roots every month. No complaints, except, like everything in life, it could be easier...

So, finally the advertising worked on me and I bought a packet of John Frieda, expensive at £10 compared to my normal dyes which are around the £6-£7 mark and normally have money off offers or two for one offers every couple of months.

Firstly the instructions were very strange: mix the two chemicals and tilt the bottle 5 times. I tilted, not too much, but not to little and something happened. When I began applying the foam was reluctant to come out. When i did get a 'tennis ball' size, as described in the instructions, it seemed to disappear into my hair, even when I continued to massage it in over and over again. I attempted to cover my whole head, but failed miserably. I massaged and massaged and still did not have a head full of foam like the picture. A lot of the mixture in the bottle had not become foam even though I was squeezing with all my life to get more out.

Trying not to panic I was convinced the results would make up for this awful experience. Sadly they did not. My roots were only a shade lighter, not the 'light blonde' promised on the bottle, and the rest of my hair showed no change.

Following weeks resulted in dry, brittle hair which i still cannot do anything with and am nervous about dying it again with my old trusty hair dye.

Convinced I was not the only person who had this result I was happy to learn my own mother who also dyes her hair at home, was not convinced by the product, did not believe it gave her full coverage and also left her hair feeling dry and brittle.

Of course, I am sure many people out there love this product, and I am sure JF would tell me it was my hair type, or it doesn't work on over processed hair etc etc. But I felt the responsibility to inform you of my bad experience of this product.

Would love to hear from you if you love or hate this product - info@beautyu.co.uk.

And next? Better the devil you know, or the hair dye you know. I shall walk guiltily into my nearest chemist and beg my old brands for forgiveness for my betrayal and reform my 15 year relationship of loyalty I have previously given them. And hope they welcome me (and my hair) back with welcome arms...

Stay Beautiful!

Stace x

17th May 2011