Wednesday, 24 November 2010

For better or worse

For better or worse

I am back! A married woman, and finally back on the blogosphere. And i couldn't think of a better place to start than to talk you through my wedding day make up!

Yes in an ideal world, I would have had a wonderful make up artist at my beck and call, creating a look of the rich and famous. Instead I had my trusty sidekick Mags, a suitcase full of brilliant make up, and a few lessons under our sleeves.

So what did I learn? Doing my own make up meant I had a real natural look, when applying make up on ourselves, we are defintely less liberal, and more inclined to layer to ensure no mistakes are made. I also believe that lighting played a huge part. Stood in an awkward mirror in the wrong lighting does no one any favours. And product is key.

A quick run down on the products i used:

* Nars Primer - light and silky, perfect for humid conditions

* Laura Mercier foundation - a shade darker than normal to compliment the overseas location
*Chanel eye shadow - these prove that layering works, and you most defintely get what you pay for!

*Chanel eye pencil - in green, this really complimented my eye colour, and big thanks to Dawn in Debenhams, Salisbury for even suggesting this off the wall idea!
*Liz Earle eye cream - amazing at concealing the dark circles, without a made up look of some concealers
*No7 translucent powder - perfect for setting the make up to last
*A lovely pale pink Chanel lipstick

*And finally a glass of champers, with a bit of confidence, we all let our inner beauty shine through!

This was a brilliant learning curve for myself and Mags, with a combination of make up counters, books and trials at home, we perfected my wedding day look.

So a quick insight for you on how we approached my wedding day make up. I will be talking about some of the products in more detail in future blogs, and look out for some christmassy themed blogs coming soon!

In the meantime, stay beautiful!

Stace x

24th November 2010