Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Beautiful You – an update

Hello to all our beautiful readers!

We have had a rather long, overdue break from the blog and we wanted to give you an update on the reasons, and how we will be going forward with our Beautiful You blog.

The main reasons for our break were both time and money. Life is so busy with new jobs, work commitments, family commitments and hobbies, that we could not blog with the pace that we used to. 

We are also feeling the recession pinch and could no longer justify buying every new beauty product on the market (as much as we would love to, ha ha). We both have our staple beauty products that we no longer like to stray to far away from, our skin and our routine is used to these old favourites. Although we are still partial to a QVC TSV or a new product launch!

But we miss blogging! So we have decided to take our blog back to its roots and write on our little space on the web, when we want to and about what we want. It may not be frequently, but it will be quality!

A few things to expect from us in the coming months:

·         Spa and salon visits and treatments
·         Making beauty products at home
·         Guest blogs
·         Food, diet and recipe techniques (beauty starts on the inside!)
·         Our classic favourite beauty products.

We hope you stay with us, we aim to blog because we want to, about things we want to write about, and hopefully this will come over in our writing.
For now, we’ve taken a Halloween picture out of the archives, below, for you to enjoy.

And we will see you very soon!

Stay beautiful!

Stace & Mags x

Happy Halloween!