Sunday, 11 September 2011

My hero day cream!

Recently, I’ve discovered that my sensitive skin was demanding a bit more of TLC so I decided to go on a quest to find the perfect moisturiser for a day for my super sensitive skin with no cost compromises!

I’ve tried different creams, lotions and gels but none of them stands out as much as Elemis’ Pro-Collagen Marine Cream!  Today I call it my hero day cream and actually can’t live without it! I know it’s pricey but a few things that convinced me to stick with the product are:
  • Delivers results – I’ve used it a few years ago, when I first discovered Elemis and didn’t like it then. I thought it didn’t suit my skin and couldn’t see any results. My skin was misbehaving but I thought it was down to the ‘wrong’ day cream! Today I know, I’ve used this product just for a couple of weeks, which is not enough to see results as the skin needs to get used to the ingredients – main is Padina Pavonica (brown algae) - which now helps to keep my skin at bay and makes it look radiant.
  • Less is more – In the past, I’ve used too much product on my skin! A pea size is more than enough – don’t overflow the skin, it doesn’t provide more moisture to the skin, just sits on the surface. Also it lasts longer hence the cost (50ml - £76.60) may be justified!
  • Keeps it plump – my skin is in a fantastic condition at the moment! People ask me if I had facials recently, as my skin is revived, plumed and looks glowing! I just say that it feels like I’m having a facial every day!
  • Gel-like consistency and smell – this isn’t just any thick cream! The gel-like consistency helps to apply and evenly distribute the product on the skin. It makes a perfect base for any make-up; however, I usually wait about 10mins after application to make sure it sinks in and is working its wonders. The smells is very subtle so it doesn’t distract or cause headaches.

Today my skin looks radiant and plumped! I don’t have as many blemishes as I used to over the last couple of years! I can’t wait to wake up, cleanse my skin and apply the product onto my face, for my skin to feel fantastic and be ready to face the day! (pun unintended!) However, be patient with using this product as I know it will deliver results!

You can either purchase the product directly from the Elemis website ( or at Elemis’ beauty counters in John Lewis’ stores around the UK. Otherwise, QVC also stocks that product and that’s where I buy it as they provide great offers with lots of products in a pack, for less money! Check out around Christmas season (end November – beg December) for the fab offers! 

Let me know how you get on if you decide to try this wonder cream!

Stay beautiful!   
Mags x


  1. Great review, I can't wait to try mine now. I was thinking of using mine as a night cream because I'm using Kimberley Sayer SPF 30 in the day and not sure if my skin could take both a serum, PCMC & an SPF?

    1. I’m glad you like the review! I use the product religiously every day and LOVE it! Can’t wait to put it on each morning! I did use it as a night cream for a while, when run out of the PC Oxygenating Night cream, which again I LOVE as a night cream! (You can read the review in our Sept. 2011 – My hero night cream) so no harm in trying it that way?!
      It’s best to use an SPF with the PCMC during the day, as it doesn’t have it but I don’t like to put on more products than my super sensitive skin can handle! Instead, I wear the bareMinerals foundation with SPF25! Enjoy trying the cream and let us know what you think!
      Thanks, Mags x


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