Tuesday, 20 September 2011

My OPI Obsession

Today I wanted to take some time to talk about OPI nail lacquer (or nail varnish!)
I rarely wear nail varnish on my fingers for the simple reason that it always ends up chipping off after doing the household chores! But when I do, I always opt for OPI. Yes it's expensive retailing at approx £10 for a 15ml bottle, and near impossible to find on the high street.
Website http://www.lenawhite.co.uk/ famously sells OPI into the UK. Luckily my local salon always uses OPI so I buy mine from there.

So why do I love OPI so much?
Firstly there are the creatively wonderful names that never fail to light up a dull day:

Fiji Weejee Fawn

Bogata Blackberry

The names are just great! And the colours are divine. The above two being some of my favourites. I always have Bogata on my toe nails, adding a bit of sophistication in flip flops and when on holiday, and it is great for Christmas party chic on finger nails, adding glamour and colour to the little black dress. Fiji was my colour of choice for my wedding, subtle yet elegant, and if it chips it is far less noticeable!

The application of OPI is easy, even with a novice like me! I don't use any under coat, apply one reasonable layer over my nails, and once dry apply a thinner top coat. Drying is very quick, after about 5 minutes it is only slightly tacky and after ten minutes dry.

The brushes are very user friendly, and don't drip (unless of course you overload the brush!)
Fifi weejee fawn on the brush

The end result is a shiny, glossy finished, professional looking nails. There are so many colours to choose from to suit all different outfits and occasions. And even with my hectic lifestyle, chipping is often only after a few days of wearing the polish, and can easily be touched up.

My nails after one application (excuse the dodgy application, I am no nail technician!!)

Brilliant for a day time look or a glamorous night time look, OPI gets it right every time! I know some high street brands are much cheaper, but try OPI, you won't be disappointed. Bottles last 24 months once open so they won't go off quickly like some cheaper brands.

What is your favourite OPI colour? Let us know on twitter @beautyu 
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Stay Beautiful!

Stace x

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