Friday, 28 October 2011

VIVO Cosmetics - the final face!

All week we have been sharing our thoughts on VIVO Cosmetics products, as well as showing you how we have used them on Stace's face, and today is the final day as we finish the look!

The final two products are the Bronzer Gold Dust which retails for approx £4 for 22g, and the Baked Bronzer in shade 2 which retails for approx £5 for 12g.

First impressions, the gold dust is huge! And we could tell from the glitter it will be an instant favourite this year at Christmas parties around the country.

You can see from the swatch how dazzling the gold is. The only disappointing thing is the glitter gold is only on the top surface of the letters and doesn't run all the way through. However it goes quite a long way and will probably last quite a while. We loved the grandness of this big palette, although it probably wouldn't make it into going out bags due to the size.

We had similar love for the baked bronzer as we did for the baked blush earlier in the week. Great consistency, lovely shimmer running through. Only concern from the swatch was would this be too dark for Stace's complexion?

As it turned out, you can be fairly liberal with the baked bronzer, as it is no where near as dark on the face as expected. We loaded the brush and gently swept the colour in circular motions around the face. We did this several times to build up the colour, as it is easier to add to the colour than take away. We used it all over the face, and it added a lovely gentle glow of someone who has just returned form holiday. The gold was not yellowing at all which is really important to ensure the natural look.

And here is the final 'flawless' finished face!

The gold dust we added right at the end of the makeover, imagining the taxi waiting to take you to the Christmas party and you literally sweep this over your face and any bare skin on the way out! Not too much was needed on the brush, and we worked it in a little bit to the skin to ensure a more natural look that would stay put all night. It's not too overpowering, but adds a great finish for events like Christmas parties - we can't wait to get it out in December!

Final thoughts on VIVO?

Mags - "A great range for the price tag. My favourite products were the baked blush and baked bronzer, not too strong and were able to build up the product gradually over the face. I also liked the primer and thought this had a great consistency, and will be using it again! My least favourite product was probably the highlighter, I just didn't think it looked natural"

Stacey - "VIVO is just what the high street has needed, a quality brand at an affordable price. I love the eyeshadow pallete, so easy to use and a long lasting impressive finish, I can't wait to try out some different colours. I also am very excited about the gold dust to finish my Christmas party look. I agree with Mags on the highlighter, not my favourite, but then am not used to wearing highlighter normally. I am looking forward to trying the rest of the eye range and the lip range."

We hope you enjoyed our VIVO week, we had great fun trying out the products and writing these blogs!

Have a lovely weekend and stay beautiful!

Stace & Mags x

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