Tuesday, 25 October 2011

VIVO cosmetics week part 2!

So yesterday we talked about primer and highlighter, today we are looking at the mattifying loose powder and the blush and highlighter duos from the VIVO cosmetics range.
For the next part of our make over on Stace, we used the mattifying loose powder. This retails for approx £3 for 9g.

The powder had a good consistency, but still loose enough to be picked up by the brush. It was a lot looser than some high street brands I have used before where you have to literally scrape the product out of the pot. It had a yellow colour to it which will be good for taking down the redness on the skin.

Hopefully you can see from the above picture the looseness of the powder and the colour. We applied the loose powder to Stace's face next after applying primer and highlighter. This was to reduce pore size, give a nice finish to the base, and leave us with the foundations to start building the colour on the skin. We applied this by pouring some into the lid and swirling it onto the brush. The product applied well and gave good coverage.

Face with mattifying loose powder

The finish was definitely matte, felt comfortable and took away any of the shine from the highlighter. We liked this product, but less is more and you don't want to use too much of it.

Next was the blush and highlighter duos. These are an amazing price at approx £2.40 for 7.2g, and you get two products in one!

Sweet Peach shade 3 and Sugar Candy shade 2

The Sweet Peach colour is good for the winter as it is quite subtle. The product really feels like it will stick to your skin. The consistency is where the product shows it is a cheaper brand, but then for this price that is what you would expect!

Sugar Candy is more of a Summer colour, and we loved the brightness of this shade. You don't want to use too much of this colour though, and less will probably be more. It would also look fab with a tinted gloss in the Summer.

Face with Sweet Peach

This was probably our least favourite out of the two, on Stace's face it just looked a bit bright and not very natural but this is probably down to skin tone, and the Sugar Candy colour was better suited to Stace's skin tone.

Face with Sugar Candy
Sugar Candy was our favourite colour. It was lovely and bright, but we would still use it in Winter to lift our spirits on dark and gloomy days. The product was really easy to apply, and with the added highlighter in the compact, these blushes are great for taking on nights out.

Final face with both blushes

These two products really worked well at building the colour onto the face, and we were impressed with the natural look that we were creating.

Visit tomorrow to find out the next stage in our VIVO face!

Stay Beautiful!

Stace & Mags x

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