Friday, 7 October 2011

Nails ‘Out of this World’ by Leighton Denny

I love nail varnishes. Not the ones that chip by the first hour of application, but those that deliver to promise and last at least a week! I used a lot of different brands but none of them lived up to Leighton Denny’s nail varnishes! Their durability is fantastic and the variety of colours excessive for any nail fanatic!

I use different nail varnish colours for different seasons or moods and have enough to fit any occasion! Recently I’ve purchased the new ‘Out of this World’ collection from the QVC shopping channel (sold out at the moment but will update you when in stock), with a number of items and fabulous colours! Check it out below:

'Out of this World Collection' by Leighton Denny. It contains: Crystal nail file - full size, One For All top and under coat in one, four nail varnishes: Your Planet or Mine?, Saturn Seduction, Zero Gravity and Supermauva, Miracle Mist everything comes in this fab silver beauty bag.
The silver beauty bag, beautifully lined inside.
This bag contains:

The advantage of using cristal file is the ability to file the nails back and forth without damaging your nails as when using standard emery board. RRP £15 from
This One For All product has many functions - it can be a base coat, top coat, create this finished glossy effect or be worn on its own (as shown on the photo). RRP £11 from
This dark, mysteriously deep, teal-green colour called Your Planet or Mine? reminds me of the colours when oil spills in the water. Depending how the light hits the nail colour it changes from dark green to deep teal, even to black. It shimmers beautifully! Ideal for Christmas Parties! RRP £11 from
This seductive shade of red/burgundy, coincidently called Saturn Seduction is a perfect fit for autumn! Goes with browns, oranges and dusky yellows!
Grey autumn/winter days don't need to be associated with dark colours, hence this Zero Gravity lighter shade of grey will brighten up any gloomy day!
Last but no means least is my favourite colour in this collection - Supermauva. This violet colour shimmers with pink undertones and is very wearable both to work and for going out!
This collection completes the Miracle Mist a new product already known to Leighton fans as Miracle drops, this time though it's in the spray edition! It helps speed up the process of drying the nails polish. RRP £11 from

I’ve applied each of the colours twice, for best coverage, and used the One For All as a base and top coat for the glossy finish. At the end I sprayed the nails with the Miracle Mist to extend the longevity of the nail colour.

This week my nails are cocooned in the Supermauva! What colour are you wearing on your nails now? Are you also a Leighton Denny fan? Let us know on twitter @beautyu!

Stay beautiful!

Mags xx

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