Sunday, 16 October 2011

Foundations put to the ultimate test part 2

Today the foundation I am going to tell you about is: Clinique Superbalanced make-up teint.
This can be picked up from most Boots and Debenhams for about £21.00 for 30 ml, so a little cheaper than Double Wear from Estee Lauder. But what did I think??

This was very runny when it came out of the sachet to the point that I nearly lost it all over the apartment floor, not a great start! The colour I was trying was 03 Ivory.

This took a lot longer to apply and blend than Estee Lauder. The appearance on my face looked a little mask like, but this may just be because the colour of the foundation had not been matched to my own face colour.

The coverage was very good, but the final look was very dewy. The dewy, 'wet' look is nice in the Winter when complexions are suffering in the cold and central heating, but I felt in a hot climate this made me look a little sweaty, which is not a good look!! It didn't feel that comfortable on my skin. It also sunk a little bit into my lines which I was not happy about, I know I have wrinkles, but please don't highlight them!!

I was fairly happy with the final face, although I am not sure if I would fork out the £21.00 for this make-up, and I wasn't completely happy with the wet look.

The foundation went through a 30-40 min walk in the sun, and then I sat out in the sun for a few hours. Still looked fine by the end of the evening, but slightly dewy, which was probably due to the sunshine and not the foundation!

Next foundation I will be looking at - Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid.

Stay Beautiful!

Stace x

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