Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Foundations put to the ultimate test - part four

Hi guys, and welcome to the final part of my foundation mini series. I love doing mini reviews like this as it means I get to try a little bit of a product I would not normally try, and I always think holiday is a great place to put these products through their paces.

So today I will be looking at Max Factor Second Skin foundation. This retails in most high street chemists for about £12.99 for 30ml, so compared to my other reviews, this one is probably the most middle of the road affordable foundation. I have to confess to not ever trying the Max Factor brand before, so was excited about trying this.

The original marketing campaign for this product was big. This sample originally came in the post after signing up on their website, and everything was explained inside the cardboard cut out. Not very helpfully they sent me Golden, which is far to dark for my pale skin, and I think this didn't help with my thoughts on the product overall...

The claims of this product are large, not only does it profess to give you a perfect, undetectable finish, but many buzz phrases like 'skin-inspired', 'foundation breakthrough' and 'synchronizes with the skin'. Mmm not sure about any of those...

So the initial product was a lot more solid than some of the other ones I tested, which for me was a good thing as it didn't have a watery texture. Thumbs up so far.

This Golden was only the colour darker than natural, however even on my sun kissed skin, it really was quite orangey and far to dark. Leaving the colour out of it for a moment, it had a very wet, sticky feel to it, something I hate with foundations, it has to feel comfortable for the whole day.

The foundation sunk quickly into my skin, but I found this not a good thing as it seemed to sit in my lines and imperfections, almost highlighting them rather than hiding them.

I have to be honest, I found the foundation very uncomfortable, and the added orange line around my face forced me to take this foundation off before venturing out of our apartment.

The final face was ok in the photo, but I could not have had it on my face for too long.

I know there are a lot of Max Factor fans out there, so I would be interested to hear if I just had a bad experience, and what you think of their products?

Out of all the foundations, as you know I went on to buy Estee Lauder as this most impressed me, but I would also consider buying Maybelline for it's incredible value for money. Clinique and Max Factor will not be adorning my make up collection.

Hope you have enjoyed this Foundation Mini Series, and we have lots more exciting things coming soon on our blog so watch this space!

Stay Beautiful!

Stace x

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