Thursday, 20 October 2011

Guest Blogger! Dove Hair Care

In the interests of delivering fab blogs to you our readers, we thought we would get in guest bloggers from time to time to review products for us. This month, meet Stace's sister Sam, who will be reviewing the newest addition to the Dove Hair Care range.
First, let's find out a little more about Sam!

What is your desert island product you can’t live without?
Blisteze – very simple but the most amazing product for keeping my lips soft, stops them from cracking and protects them from the elements in both summer and winter.

What do you enjoy about beauty products/make-up?
I like the uniqueness of make up to the individual – everyone has their own way of applying make up and likes/dislikes with regards colour and style, which means we may not all agree but it allows you to be creative and experimental.

Where do you get your inspiration from?
I would say my inspiration comes from everywhere – more often than not I’ll see someone in person or a magazine whose make up looks good and I think I’ll try that next. I definitely rely on recommendations when it comes to beauty products - particularly from my sister!

What’s your beauty cheat?
Face wipes – great for those days when you really can’t be bothered to remove make up, cleanse and tone (come on we all have those days)!

Do you have a beauty secret tip you would share with us?
Not sure if this is much of a secret these days but cottons ear buds are amazing for tidying up your nails when you paint them and removing any mistakes from round the ages – because we can’t all keep in the lines!

Thanks Sam! Let's find out what you thought of the products...

Dazzling, trouble free hair.... not just on the adverts

Now we have all heard this before ... promises of lustrous, shiny, tangle free hair, but somehow in reality you never quite match up to the supermodel in the advert!

These are the exact thoughts I had running through my head when a box of samples turned up from Dove (via BzzAgent – a word-of-mouth media and marketing company). I have received lots of different samples/campaigns since I joined Bzz Agents from shavers to sweeteners to test the products and tell everyone what I think of them, good or bad.

Turning up in the post in a fancy box designed like a gift I was greeted with 3 full size bottles from the Dove Therapy Intensive Repair range – one shampoo and two conditioners plus 10 smaller samples of the express treatment conditioner.

Straight away I gave one to my mum and gran who both face two quite different challenges with their hair; one has very fine hair and the other quite thick and curly. One thing we did all agree on was we don’t have the time or inclination to use leave in conditioning treatments; so a daily conditioner that claims it can give all the benefits of a treatment after just one use but for much less time and hassle –fantastic!

Now I have to say, putting my cynicism aside, I have been really impressed with this product and so have the friends I’ve given samples to. My hair is really soft without being fluffy (which some rich conditioners can do to my hair). Plus I invariably wash my hair in the evening giving me ten minutes extra in bed in the morning and I’ve found since using this I haven’t woken up with that ‘bed hair’ that is lifeless and messy – so another bonus for my lifestyle. My Mum, with the curly thick hair, even found it softened hers up.
The science behind the product is a patented Fibre ActivesTM technology that repairs your hair from the inside out and I have to agree I actually did have noticeably softer, smoother hair after the first use – check out my pictures and see what you think!

Before using the shampoo

After using the shampoo
Most people who know me will back me up on this but I am not one to use fancy, expensive, timely products and my skin/hair care regime is fairly simple (and probably a bit lapse at times!) I wash condition and go - so this product suits me. What will be interesting is to see if it’s sustainable as I change my shampoo and conditioner every so often because I find my hair gets too used to the same product. So watch this space....

All my samples were snapped up very quickly helping you all stay beautiful!

Dove intensive repair range can be bought from most supermarkets and chemists, retailing at around £2.50 for 200ml.

Sam x

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