Sunday, 2 October 2011

Heavenly hands from L’Occitane

I’ve been using the Dry Skin Hand Cream with 20% Shea Butter from L’Occitane for over a year now. I love the texture, richness and thick consistency of this product. The smell is fresh and subtle. The product sinks in very quickly, not leaving any residue on the skin and it keeps my hands moisturised for a long time. It’s perfect for this time of year (even though we experience this beautiful weather, which will soon change into fab autumn - my favourite time of the year!). So as you can see, I am a happy bunny when it comes to my hand care!

Dry Skin Hand Cream with 20% Shea Butter
However, recently, I’ve come across this little Heavenly Hands set from L’Occitane and decided to give it a try, as never had a chance to use all the different hand creams before! The set comes with five different creams, all 15mls in size – perfect handbag size or stocking fillers (as it’s 12 weeks to Xmas!). 

Heavenly Hands, £20.69 for 2sets from QVC
Consistency of each cream. From left: Lavender, Rose 4 Reines, Cherry Blossom, Verbena and Shea Butter.

The content:

Lavender hand cream, 15ml
This Lavender cream has a lighter but creamy consistency. Smells absolutely amazing - like taking a walk through lavender fields in Provence! There is nothing artificial in the smell! It's very soothing and help me to relax! It moisturises my hands perfectly, sinks in quickly and doesn't leave any residue on my skin. I really fell in love with it and it's my contender to Shea Butter cream!

Rose 4 Reines, 15ml
This Rose cream has a lighter consistency and as its name indicates it has a lovely, rosy smell - very subtle and very real. It moisturises my hands well, sinks in quickly without leaving oily residue. 
Cherry Blossom, 15ml
Cherry Blossom cream has a lighter consistency just like the Rose cream. The smell is nice, but too sweet for me. It moisturises hands well, sinks in quickly without any residue. Perfect companion for spring and summer months!
Cooling Hand Cream Gel with Verbena, 15ml
This Verbena hand product has a light, gel consistency, which creates a cooling sensation on application. The lemony smell is too overpowering for me. It moisturises hands, however, I think it sinks in too quickly and disappears after a few moments. I have to admit, this is not my favourite hand cream. It may be a good product for men as the smell is unisex and because of it's cooling properties it may be good for hot summer!
and Dry Skin 20% Shea Butter, 15ml which I've reviewed at the top of this blog!

So as you can see I’m not a fun of a gel-like hand creams, so Verbena is not one I’d use! However, I absolutely love the Shea Butter and the Lavender one, especially when I want to unwind after long, tiring day or relax before falling asleep! 

What is your favourite hand cream? Do you have one you stick to or you swap between brands? Share your thoughts with us on twitter @beautyu we can’t wait to hear your story!

Stay beautiful!

Mags x

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