Thursday, 27 October 2011

VIVO Cosmetics week - part 4!

Tonight is is the turn of the eyes! And you know how much we love eye make-up at Beautiful You!

The eye palette from VIVO cosmetics, available at selected Tesco stores retails for approx £2.50 for three shades. Yes just £2.50, this is one of the biggest bargains of the range as you are getting three colours.

The one we have tried is Innocence - a palette of classic shades that ooze sophistication for soft and natural eyes.

The compact the eye shadows come from is a really good size, small enough to take on nights out. Included on the back is a great tutorial on how to make up the eyes as well. The shadows are moist, and very compact, not loose powder, indicating they will stick well to the eye lid.

As you can see from the above swatches, the colours are nice and natural, a good shimmer to them, but not so much that it is overpowering. These are the types of colours we would pick for a classic daytime look when at the office.

So now for application to Stace's eye!

Firstly we used the lightest colour and applied this to the whole lid, including right up the to the eyebrow to give a good base. This colour provided a solid base, and we would have felt comfortable wearing this colour alone for a day look.

The middle colour was then applied to the lower half of the eye lid. This colour was just dark enough to highlight the eye area, without making the face look drawn.

Finally we added the darkest colour in the palette, just to highlight the top of the eye nearest to the lashes. This is not as dark as it appears in the compact which is good as it is not too heavy for a day look.

Overall we were really impressed with the colours of this palette, the finished look was great and looked really natural. The colours blended really well.

A few negative things, the application was quite hard as you did need quite a lot of the product to build up the colour, however once you had done this it really did stay in place. We did get a bit of eyeshadow falling off during application but I think this was due to overloading the brush.

The brush that comes with the compact is not that robust, and we used our own brushes, but then we find that with the free brushes in high end eyeshadows as well. This also got us to thinking, do VIVO do brushes, so please let us know if they do!

Overall really like this product, and will be visiting our local Tesco to check out some of the more adventirous colours for Christmas parties, at that price it seems only right to try out a few more of the colours!

Next time we will be completing the look with baked bronzer and gold dust.

Stay Beautiful!

Stace & Mags x

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