Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Holiday essentials

No matter if you’re off for a short city break or a long beach holiday, it’s essential to keep a beauty routine up even on the go! Recently, Stace got back from her holidays and we were chatting about the different things we take away with us. This year, I’ve travelled quite a lot and I established my ‘must have’ list of items that I take with me when travelling.

When away:

  • Cleanse your skin morning and evening! It doesn’t matter if you’ve put  make-up on or not, there’s lots of pollution in the air so clean the skin to remove the dirt. It’s hard to get all the cleansers in a small bottles (flight restrictions don’t allow taking anything bigger than 100ml in the carry-on luggage) so I always hold on to small containers or buy a travel sized bottles from Boots and use for my trips.
Instant Boost Skin Tonic by Liz Earle
  • Toner – if you don’t always cleanse in the morning, at least use a bit of a tonic to clean and wake up your skin! I’ve got a little 30ml bottle of Instant Boost Skin Tonic from Liz Earle that I religiously use and re-fill for every trip I take! It’s fab on the plane, to freshen up the skin, and great on the beach as an instant refresher, or in the city to revive after a long, tiring day! For additional coolness, in particularly hot weather, place tonic in the fridge overnight!
  • Hydration – apart from drinking plenty of water during the day, I always use a day and night cream! It helps the skin rejuvenate and makes it more plumped and fresh looking! I don’t wear too much make up on holidays so a bit of moisturiser on the face prepares me to face the world. When it comes to storage I have a secret! For my day and night cream I use a dual container for contact lenses storage, where in one part I put my day cream, and in the other, my night cream (see photo below). This way I don’t carry two big pots but a small container with both creams in it.
    Contact lense storage container that I use for day and night cream
  • Clean hands – I always carry with me a little pot of sanitising gel. This time I carry the L’Occitane lavender Clean Hands Gel. It purifies and sanitises hands without water or soap! It’s perfect for any situation but particularly if you’re stopping for a bite to eat on the way! 
L'Occitane Lavender Clean Hands Gel
  • Lips – I can’t leave the house knowing that I don’t have any lip product with me! Call it an addiction or purely a habit but I simply like my lips nourished at all time. Any lip product will do for me as long as it moisturises my lips for long enough not to re-apply too often.
  • Soft hands are also important to me, so whenever I have a chance to purchase, or get a smaller size of hand cream (Check out November issue of Marie Claire magazine – you can purchase it with a choice of L’Occitane limited edition 30ml hand cream!) I put it aside for future trips! There is nothing more soothing than application of your favourite hand cream on a long-haul flight, long car journey or after a long day in the sun!
  • Dress up the eyes! I’d lie to you if I said that all of the above are the only items I take on a trip! I do take a packet of paracetamol (just in case) and eye mask if I want to sleep on the plane, a few of ear buds for obvious reasons… however, I would not leave the hotel room without my mascara on. I’m not sure what is your view on that but if I don’t dress my eyes in mascara, I look like I haven’t woken up properly! I feel naked and blah. Once it’s on, I’m ready to conquer any continent! 

I’ve travelled a lot and learnt by mistakes when travelling heavy (too heavy, at times), which cost me lots in overweight luggage. Now I stick to my essentials and there is no problem! 

What are your beauty essentials that you can’t leave the house without? Do you struggle to pack for any journey? Let us know on twitter @beautyu. We’re looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

Stay beautiful!

Mags xx

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