Monday, 17 October 2011

Foundations put to the ultimate test - part 3

Hi everyone! Hope you are enjoying our 'mini series' on foundations!
Today I am going to talk about Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid. This can be bought in high street chemists like Boots and Superdrug for £8.20, so a lot cheaper than Clinique and Estee Lauder. But do you get what you pay for??

This foundation has some very high claims to live up to 'Flawless' 'seamless' 'luminous' and 'smooth' were just some of the buzz words on the packaging. I am always a believer that less is more, and they should probably try and do one thing well, but nevertheless on with the review!

The foundation was a good consistency feeling quite thick.

It slid on to my face with incredible ease that surprised me. As this was a cheaper brand than I usually use I had ideas of clumpy, hard to blend foundation. It was quick and easy to apply, and needed minimal blending into the rest of my skin, a bonus for someone who always struggles with time like me!!

It did look smooth, so one tick to one of the product claims, but some of my darker blemishes really showed through even after an extra bit of application, so flawless would get a big cross next to it from me!

Looking at my final face, this finish would be fine for a day at the office, as it lifted my skin (not quite luminous, but better than going naked!). I wouldn't be happy with this finish for a big night out or special occasion.

I think for the price, this one does its best, and could be an office staple, but it wasn't for me. After an evening out to a restaurant where we sat outside in mild humidity, it felt very sticky to touch, and this made me wonder whether had I used it for more than the one night it may have reacted with my skin and caused an outbreak.

So far this was my least favourite.

The final review in my foundation mini series will be Max Factors second skin foundation.

What foundation are you using at the moment? Let us know on twitter @beautyu

Stay Beautiful!

Stace x

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