Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Christmas beauty gifts – Are you a hoarder or a user?

Hello ladies!
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Over to you Sam!

So, it’s 2012 and another Christmas has passed meaning I’ve got another horde of ‘smellies’! Usually, these end up being stored in the bathroom never to reappear. I’m not really sure why I do this but I tend to just keep buying my regular shower gels, moisturisers, etc and not use the packs.

Now, with the recession and all being upon us, I thought this was a bit wasteful of me so hooked out xmas 2010’s goodies to start using (are they supposed to be left this long.... surely they’re ok if unopened!)

The pack I started using first is Royal Jelly, which comes from Marks and Spencer, so bridging the gap between high street and high end products. It contained three pots; a body scrub, body moisturiser and hand and nail cream.

Royal Jelly Body scrub, body moisturiser
 and hand and nail cream

I would say the style of pots with screw lids is a drawback when using the body scrub as I find it easier when I’m in the shower to have a squeezy bottle, but it is definitely a plus for the moisturiser.

The body scrub is lovely; it lathers up well in the shower and has little grains in it for exfoliation – leaving my skin beautiful and soft. It also smells subtle and fresh (I can’t stand the overpowering, cheap, flowery smell of some shower gels).
The body moisturiser is also good; great consistency and keeps my skin smooth, however the hand and nail cream is a bit of a disappointment. It is very greasy which is not what you want on your hands and it doesn’t rub in very quickly, meaning I have to wait quite a while before I can do anything (not great when you put it on at your desk at work and then can’t type for half an hour!)

Top swatch, hand cream, middle swatch,
body moisturiser, bottom swatch, body scrub

So two out of the three when trying a new brand isn’t bad! Although I won’t be rushing to buy anymore I am still using the products and pleased with the result!
Look out for my next guest blog on another Christmas pack.... Lush – definitely not my favoured products!

Sam x

Thanks Sam! If you have any questions for Sam you can find her on twitter @sambosh26 or please leave us a comment.


  1. I am on a mission to use up everything I have before buying new stuff, so working my way through EVERYTHING I got at Christmas! xx

    1. It does make sense rather than buying more...but it's just so tempting to keep buying new things!!
      Thanks for the comment!
      Stace x


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