Monday, 9 January 2012

Eye creams put to the test!

Happy Monday to you all! As I mentioned in my Happy New Year post, my mission for 2012 is to find myself the perfect eye cream. As I scan the eye products that are out there I am finding there are a plethora of different products, day, night, anti-puffiness, hydrating, the list is endless. Have I set myself the Mission Impossible of beauty missions??

So here's the thing. I turn 30 in 5 weeks. Not 29 or 28, but 30. Phew, I said it. Yes, as you can guess, I am having a hard time coming to terms with this number. And it is just that, a number. I have a pretty good skin care routine, but something I have never concentrated on has been the eyes. I don't know why, they just seem to have escaped my routine. When I look in the mirror, I don't think I look 30, until I look really close and realise my eyes give me away completely. Please see exhibit a. My eyes aged 29.

Yes that is a scary picture. So as you can see, I do have lines around my eyes. And for anyone who is about to ask the question, the beautiful eye that is our Twitter avatar is in fact Mags' eye not mine...

2012 is the year I will find a great eye cream. Every month I am going to set about testing a new eye cream, and rating the eye cream. And hopefully amongst them I will find a miracle anti-ageing eye cream that will rid my face of the tell tale signs of my real age. I hope.

January's eye cream - Clinique, All About Eyes

This product retails for about £20 for 15ml. I got this particular pot as part of one of the Clinique bonus time deals.The product claims to reduce puffiness, minimise dark circles and fine lines. The usual application method of using the ring finger to apply to the eye area sparingly morning and night is advised.

The consistency of this eye cream is quite thick, and doesn't sink in that quickly, so I opted to use this only at night. I could also feel it on the eye area, so I don't know if I used too much. I was however impressed with the results. In the mornings, my eye area was definitely not puffy, wrinkles had lessened, and the eye area was smoother, making it was easier to apply my normal highlighter to the area. As for dark circles I didn't really notice a difference. I like the effect this had on my eyes, however it did not seem to make a major difference if used over a prolonged period of time, and so I would probably have to keep using the product everyday to enjoy the same results.

The price seems ok for what you get, and although I wasn't wowed by the effects, you could see a noticeable difference.

Scores on the door?

Repeat purchase?
I would buy this again if I don't find an eye cream that matches these results, but I really hope I do!!

Let's see what luck I have in my quest next month!

If you have any recommendations for eye creams, please let me know! I have 11 spaces up for grabs!!

Thanks for reading and stay beautiful!

Stace x



  1. I'm turning 30 this year too and I deffo need to invest in a good eye cream! I like All About Eyes, but I would prefer something cheaper lol!

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  3. Aw glad someone else is turning 30 this year as well! Yes that's my mission, try and find something a little cheaper! Thanks for reading!
    Stace x

  4. I'm facing the big 3-0 this year too! I've recently brought the Decleor Hydra-floral anti pollution flower dew gel (phew...long name!), and it's actually quite good. I've been using eye creams/gels for 10 years now and I've never found one that really makes me think wow...even the most expensive ones!

    1. Good to hear of some fellow 30ers! Ohh i love Decleor products I will definitely have to try that one! I am really hoping to find a great eye cream this year!
      Thanks for the comment!
      Stace x


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