Thursday, 12 January 2012

Time to detox! Do the Tri-enzyme challenge!

Happy New Year to you all! Hope this one is even better than the previous year! 

I haven’t been around for a few weeks down to a nasty viral infection but now I’m back, filled with positive energy and I can’t wait to share with you all my beauty finds and tips! Just to echo what Stace said about setting new year’s resolutions, I try not to have any this year as I could never carry them past the first few weeks of January, so what’s the point?! 

This year I decided to carry on with my beauty routine that works for me and has been for some time now and maybe be a bit happier in my happy already life! Easier said than done but I know it'll be good!!!

January is a good month for a new start, so I decided that detox is a must, especially after the overindulgence in both eating and drinking over the festive season! For that reason I decided to get my facial enzymes back on track and use the Elemis’ Tri-enzyme range for a month!

For the next few days I’ll be reviewing the range and letting you know if it’s worth a try!

Today I look at the Tri-EnzymeResurfacing Facial Wash. You can buy it in the department stores that stock Elemis or online at QVCUK or It costs £27.60 so it’s not the cheapest choice; however it lasts a long time! I’ve been using my bottle on and off for four months now! As it’s in a pump bottle the product doesn’t age as quickly as it’s airtight so it's easy to put it aside and use it when needed!

The results:
The gel-like consistency allows for a smooth application on the skin. It’s best to apply it (avoiding the eye and mouth area!) just before jumping under the shower for the steam to help the product to penetrate all the cells and gently remove the dead skin cells which dull the complexion. Once I wash it off I feel like my skin received a serving of a crisp, fresh air (just like in the Winterfresh ads!)! The surface is squeaky clean and the skin looks matt but doesn’t feel tight! The smells is divine, too! Very subtle and clean! Fantastic, especially when you have combination skin type!

Tri-enzyme resurfacing wash

Gel-like consistancy
On the first application or after I haven’t used the facial wash for a while, I always feel a little tingling especially around the nose area where my skin seems to need a bit more attention! This wash, not to be confused with a skin cleanser, as this Tri-Enzyme Facial Wash can only be used on an already cleansed skin (!), stimulates the skin's natural cell renewal cycle, helping to smooth and improve the complexion.

I call it “my wonder product”, as whenever I come up with spots or my skin is dehydrated or under the weather, this product saves my life! It revives, replenishes and brings my skin to life in a matter of wash or two! Fantastic product to use morning and evening! One thing to mention though – don’t sunbathe or use sunbeds whilst using this product! Best bet is to use day cream with a filter so your newly re-enzymed face isn’t exposed to the harmful UV rays!

Are you ready to start your tri-enzyme challenge? Have you ever used this product before, if so what is your view? Let us know!

Stay beautiful!

Mags xx

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