Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Delicate cleanser for sensitive skin

Have you ever had a change of hearts when it comes to any beauty products you used? You tried a product a few years before and it was just okay or didn’t suit your skin then, but now you can’t stop raving about it and it’s the desert island product you can’t live without? Well, I did!

Sensibio H2O by Bioderma
A few years ago I’ve tested a number of micellaire solutions, the calming cleansing products, perfect for the most sensitive of skins. One of the products tested was Sensibio H2O by Bioderma. It was just okay for my skin then; however, at that time my skin was misbehaving badly after a long course of antibiotics, and I didn’t feel this product was right for me! About a year ago I decided to give this product another go as heard so many good things about it. Now I can’t look back!!!

My skin has got super sensitive over the years and it’s hard to get products that suit its sensitivity. This cleanser is brilliant, though! It soothes irritated and fragile skin, cleanses and refreshes my face, eyes and lips thoroughly without rubbing (removes even the toughest water-resistant make-up), and rinsing is not required, so there’s no additional need for toner either! The smell is very subtle and fresh.  

This product doesn’t belong to the cheapest on the market but the price is justified with the longevity and performance; it RRP £10 - £13 for 250ml depending where you buy. The only disadvantage is, it’s hard to purchase it in the UK. The only place I could locate that product is the popular auction website. However, I purchase mine whenever I go to visit my family on the continent!

Have you ever used any of the Bioderma products? Let us know and share your experience either by leaving a comment or on twitter @beautyu!

Stay beautiful!
Mags xx


  1. I've not tried this but do like the sound of it! Sounds a bit like those cleansers that Lancome do?! xx

    1. Thank you for your comment! You're right, however, this cleanser is so gentle that you can use it to remove the toughest of eye make-ups and it doesn't sting your eyes! Important if you are a contact lens wearer :)) xx

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  3. I absolutely love this water! I've developed an obsession with various cleansing waters lately but this is by far the best; I can't believe how easily it melts eye make-up. Great post lovely xx

    1. Thank you very much for your beautiful comment! I love this cleansing water! Can't live without it, it's my desert island product! And you're right - it melts even the toughest of mascaras on the market! Thank you, Mags xx


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