Saturday, 7 January 2012

The January sales phenomenon

Good morning! It's a relief to get to the end of the first week of the year, and enjoy a relaxing January weekend. At the moment it's hard to get away from the word 'sale', Debenhams plaster their 'Blue cross sale' over every media, Boots slash their gifts to 50% off (and in some years even 75%) and Accessorize are even offering an amazing 70% off lots of their stock.

This crazy 'January sales phenomenon' got me thinking. It's actually bizarre when you think about it, we spend lots of money in December, finding over priced presents for our loved ones, then come midnight Christmas Day, emails fly into your inbox informing you of sales on at every retailer. All the presents you have bought have been slashed in price, and even Next opened at 5am Boxing day last year, so if you really hated all your Christmas presents you could go and bag yourself a bargain then.

It does seem madness, that after all the spending in the run up to Christmas, the January sales are such a big deal in the UK. I can, however, confirm that this year, in my local town, the sales have been disappointing to say the least. Most of the stuff that is in the sale is old season stuff that no one wanted then, and I suspect no one will want now. If they can't shift this stuff, why don't the stores send it all to charity?

Anyway, I digress. I did actually pick one thing up in the sales. And what a bargain it was. And yes I did really need it. I am lucky enough to work within walking distance to the town centre, and often pop in to Debenhams, just to ensure I am not missing out on a bargain or three, and this week, guess what I found:

This beautiful box of Lancome goodies which I scooped up for just £20!!! And as justification for spending money in January after the excesses of Christmas, I had £5 on my beauty card, and a £15 Debenhams voucher my sister in law gave me for Christmas!! And I was going to buy the Bi Facil eye make-up remover anyway, so everyone's a winner!

So what exactly is in the box?

  • 125ml Bi Facil
  • 125ml Cleansing fluid
  • 125ml toner
  • 7ml Genifique
  • 15ml Genefique repair
  • 15ml lifting cream
  • 7ml juicy tubes
  • 2ml hypnose mascara
  • 100ml hand cream
Some of these items are old favourites, and some I have never tried before, so was very excited, and I can never resist beauty boxes like this packaged so beautifully!

Unfortunately I cannot find this set online, but they do have a Lancome sale online which is worth a look at.

What have you found in the January sales? Picked up any absolute bargains? There are not a lot of bargains to be had, but it pays to keep looking and keep your eyes peeled.

Enjoy your weekend and stay beautiful.

Stace x


  1. I cannot believe you got this for £20! Jammy! xx

  2. That is a fantastic sales bargain there - lucky you! I went and braved the sale in Topshop the other day & left with 7 items for £11 - check out my post on it if you're interested. I was definitely very pleased with myself :)

    Steph xx

  3. £20 bargain of the year, im so jealous

  4. This was a great bargain, I was only sorry I couldn't buy them all for everyone or find them online!!

    Steph - wow 7 items for £11!! I love it when that happens!!

    Thanks for reading!
    Stace x


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