Monday, 7 November 2011

Sleek brows

The colour of my brows is pretty defined and naturally dark so I’ve never thought about using any brow kits or colour enhancements. However, recently I’ve seen the Sleek Make-up Brow Kit and as it was buy 2 for 3 promotion at Superdrug I decided to go for it, as was already buying some eye shadows from the brand.

The Brow Kit from Sleek Make-up is available at Superdrug, RRP £7.99, and it comes in two shades: light and dark. I bought the dark option as my brows are dark already.

The packaging is very sleek and has this high end finish.

In this kit you get a pigmented wax (seen on the right, in the darker colour) and a setting powder that is lighter in colour. There is also an angled brush that helps shape the brows (to use with the wax), a more rounded blending brush for the setting powder and tiny tweezers that helps remove any stray hair.

The product itself looks good when applied and delivers to its promise. As inexperienced in this field, it took me forever to apply it but as always, practice makes perfect! See below for the before and after shots of me. There isn't massive difference, which I'm glad about, as I wouldn't like this to look obvious. My face looks a bit more defined with the brows being groomed using this product. What's your take on the below?

Before using any products
After using Brow Kit


I’d use this product again; however, I need to practice a bit more with application. Do you use brow kits? If so, which one is your favourite? Let us know either by leaving a comment below or on our twitter account @beautyu!

Stay beautiful!

Mags xx


  1. I'm currently using a Stila one but really want to try this one! x x

  2. I'd really like to try one of these but I need one that has black in it haha. For now I think I'll play around with their contour kit. :) x


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