Monday, 28 November 2011

My first ever Face of the Day!

My first ever Face of the Day!
Ok so I have finally braved it and done my first FOTD!!
I love reading all your FOTD's so thought it was time I did one. We have been trying out lots of products over the last few weeks and we thought it was about time to show you them put into practice!

So firstly here are the tools for the job!!

And here is my finished face:

A close up for you of the eyes:

And a closer look at the lips:

I have really enjoyed using all these products, and most are now part of my everyday routine!

I am hoping to do some more of these now I have done the first one, and will hopefully bringing you some Christmas party FOTD's!! I am getting excited about Christmas already and will be getting the decs down from the lost this week!

Stay Beautiful!

Stace x

p.s. Mags has just returned from holiday, all tanned and relaxed, and will be back blogging soon!

28th November 2011


  1. really pretty look! Love the Vivo baked blushes X

  2. Thank you! Vivo baked blushes are so good and such value for money! x

  3. You look great, love the lashes! xx

  4. your eyelashes look sooo long. very nice :)

  5. Thanks girlies! Love the bare minerals mascara for making my eyelashes look loooong! xxx


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