Saturday, 19 November 2011

Lumiere cosmetics - first look!

Lumiere cosmetics, an American mineral make-up company, recently tweeted looking for bloggers who would like to try their products. After filling in a short form detailing our skin types and make-up preferences we received skin and eye samples to try. They arrived Thursday, and I was so excited when I opened them that I wanted to share them with you right away!

We are mineral make-up fans anyway, so despite the messiness which you cannot really avoid with mineral make-up, these samples have a very similar look and feel to Bare Minerals, and their success has been phenomenal.

First of all here were the skin colours to suit my skin tone, so lots of lights:

Top left - Poppy blush, Top right - Autumn blush
Bottom left - Light cool luminesse, Bottom right- Light cool cashmere

My favourite of the swatches is the Autumn blush, this will look amazing in the cold weather that is fast approaching!

I will be trying out this make-up this week to give it a fair trial, and will bring you some more pics soon! First impressions of the product, the powder seems quite loose, but when you place it on a brush it sticks well. There is a lovely 3D texture to all the colours, with a glisten of gold specks running through the colours.

The eye colours have got me really excited:

Top - Butterfly Blue, Bottom left - Golden Plum, Bottom right - Amethyst

Just look how lovely rich and deep the colours are! Perfect for this time of year. I quickly tried out two of my favourite colours on my eyes this morning -

This is the Golden Plum, a lovely everyday eye shadow, easy to apply, probably need to blend a couple of coats to get a nice coverage.

Butterfly blue, this is my favourite! Just perfect for nights out in the Winter! Very impressed with the tone and depth, and the lovely way the light reflects off the colour.

I am looking forward to putting these products through their paces this week! So far I am very impressed, being a mineral make-up convert already, this brand has some new exciting colours which I cannot wait to try out properly!

In the meantime, if you would like to find out more, visit their website.

Have a beautiful weekend! I'm off to buy some Christmas Yankee candles scents, and then ordering my Elemis QVC TSV tonight at midnight - it looks like it's going to be brilliant!

Stace x

19th November 2011

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