Monday, 14 November 2011

My magical MUA eyes!

My magical MUA eyes!
I decided it was about time I tried Superdrug's own make-up brand Make Up Academy (MUA) after reading so much about this brand online. (They have definitely got one thing right, their social media that's for sure)

MUA is the £1 make-up brand, a range of make-up, consisting of everything from lipstick, blusher, nail polish and eye shadows to mention a few.

I was of course, slightly sceptical, what can you really buy for one pound these days? A bar of chocolate, one pint of milk, a couple of first class stamps...not a lot basically! But in the interest of being on the edge of finding a new brand that won't dent the bank balance every month, I had an open mind.

The products I am going to talk about tonight are two of the eye shadows. I deliberately picked two colours that I would wear on a night out as I think the sort of prices MUA charge, these products sit perfectly as those 'use once in a while' colours.

Shade 8 pearl (teal colour) and Shade 4 pearl (purple)

I picked two of my favourite colours, and was impressed with the purple even before application, the colour had depth and wasn't just one dimensional with flecks of another colour running through it.

As the above swatch shows, the colours really come to life once applied on skin colour. they shimmer in the light, and both colours are really pretty. I can imagine them being perfect for weddings, Christmas party's, Summer events, all sorts of occasions.

To give you an idea of what the colour looks like on the actual eye I did a trial run, see the pictures below. I only have shadow on and no eye liner or mascara in these pics.

So what did I think? Firstly, thank you MUA for not giving us a free applicator brush. I never use the free ones, and would rather money was spent on making the product better. Application was very easy, product stuck to the brush, and swept on the lids beautifully, and didn't fall like some cheaper brands do.

The teal colour was lighter than in the pot, which was a good thing as I didn't want to feel like I was in fancy dress, and I would wear this colour out on a night out to highlight my green eyes.

The purple was my favorite, such a depth of colour, it shone in the light and gave off such a high end quality to it that I cannot believe from looking at the pictures it only cost £1! I will be wearing this one out the next chance I have!

And if being £1 isn't cheap enough, Superdrug had a 'buy 3 for the price of 2' deal on, so I got a free MUA lipstick! (More about that another day). It's not often I have change from a fiver and walk out with 3 beauty products...

Converted to the high street make-up counter...I might just be.

You can also buy MUA online on the Superdrug website

Stay beautiful!

Stace x

14th November 2011


  1. Love MUA! such a good quality brand. Must say, however, you can get a lot of things for £1 if you go to poundland ;) haha. Great blog XX

  2. i keep meaning to try this but to be honest was put off by the price as i thought it would be bad quality but all im seeing is great reviews. these are really vibrant colours and the purple is lovely.

    great review

  3. Thanks Char, ha ha was in Poundland today actually!

    Laura - I was put off by the cost initially, but considering how cheap they are, the colours are great and they would be good for nights out.

    Thanks for reading! xxx


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