Wednesday, 16 November 2011

The perfect pout?

Today I wanted to share a quick post with you about two new lipsticks I have purchased recently, and how these stack up against my old time fave.
Now I love lipstick. There is something so luxurious about the cases they come in and something glamorous about the application of lipstick. And of course the colours are phenomenal.

My default lipstick has been Chanel  Rouge Coco in Rose Dentelle since I had this lipstick for my wedding last year. It is quite expensive with a RRP of £23.00

Chanel is easily my favourite lipstick case, so bulky and smooth, a real statement in your handbag!

This shade is quite summery, and as my wedding was on a sunny island it was perfect, I still like to use this colour in the winter though, and to make it adaptable for winter I just add some clear lipgloss over the top which tones down the shade.

As you can see by the swatch, it's not to overbearing. It is easy to apply, although my only complaint is it can be a little drying so I always add a lip treatment before applying. (Vaseline will do for this!)
This lipstick has staying power, a whole day with one application.

As much as I love this lipstick, it's not an affordable year round option.

I received a free Estee Lauder lipstick in a recent Boots giveaway . The lipstick was Pure colour long lasting in blushing creme. Unfortunately it came in a plain case, not like the one on the link, but then it was free and the product was still the same. This product normally retails for about £15.00 so slightly cheaper than the Chanel option.

Not such a glamorous case! But does the job!

This deep red colour is really suitable for this time of year. The lipstick has a very creamy texture to it, and feels very silk and luxurious.

As you can see from the swatch, the colour is a very deep pink. I would probably be more inclined to use this on nights out than just a day in the office. Considering this came free in a pack I really love this product and it will be accompanying me to some Christmas parties.

And finally, I wanted to talk about another new lipstick, and new brand I have only just discovered, MUA lipstick. This new brand available exclusively at Superdrug has lipsticks for sale at an amazing £1, just think, I could have bought 23 lipsticks for the price of my Chanel one from MUA! But does it step up to the mark?

The lipstick case is actually a lot more substantial than the Estee Lauder one, and it's useful to see the colour of the lipstick on the packaging.

The lipstick doesn't feel as creamy in texture as Chanel, but a couple of thin applications are more than enough for a long lasting lip colour.

The swatch shows a really nice subtle, day colour, which would be fine for wearing to the office everyday. Application is easy and the product covers the lips well. You can tell this is a cheaper brand, when you try it against the more expensive, but for the money, it is really a good lipstick!

So while I may not be persuaded away from my Chanel lipstick permanently, I am excited about a few new editions to my lipstick collection. I am also a firm believer that a girl can never have too many lipsticks, so MUA I may be back for a visit to purchase a different lip colour for every day of the week!

Stay Beautiful!

Stace x

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