Thursday, 1 March 2012

New Look sale!

It's that time in the year again, when the Spring clothes have been out for about a month (believe me I know this is true as tried to buy a jumper dress before we went to Berlin in Feb and they had disappeared off the shelves) and the shops are throwing huge sales of their Spring collections, hoping to make way for the Summer collections. Where I live we have a huge New Look, and the other lunchtime I grabbed myself a few bargains (and you know how much I love a bargain!):

This great Spring mac in baby pink
 for £11 reduced from £35

Cute little lace up flats, £6 reduced from £16

These flat pointy shoes, perfect for the
office were £5, reduced from £15
If you have a New Look near by, it's worth going for a browse, alternatively their sale is also online:

Are there any other good sales on at the moment? Please let us know by leaving a comment or on twitter @beautyu

Happy shopping!

Stace x


  1. Those shoes are luch, I am going to try and hunt them down, I adore nude shoes. New follower here, hope you guys can check out my blog too xxx

    1. Nude shoes go with so many outfits! I hope you can find them! Thanks for following and for the comment! Just been over to your blog for a read and am now following!
      Stace x

  2. Replies
    1. So do I!! I just cannot resist the temptation of a good bargain!
      Thanks for reading!
      Stace x


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