Friday, 30 March 2012

Elemis pro intense eye and lip contour cream

Good evening and happy Friday!

Tonight I am going to tell you about the latest product I am testing in my fight to banish the wrinkles around my eyes - Elemis pro intense eye and lip contour cream.

Previously I have reviewed Liz Earle eye cream and Clinique  eye cream but am still to find my perfect eye cream!

So this month it's the turn of Elemis to take the spotlight!

This is a great pump action bottle, so no spillages. This bottle is 15 ml which normally retails for a whopping £58. You can buy the product from the time to spa website.

The cream is white and quite thick. It is very easy to apply and you don't need very much at all to cover the entire eye area. The product boasts 'firmer, plumper, redensified eye area'. So what did I think?

The product is as quality as the price tag may suggest. The easy application, and soaking in to the skin rivals any of the other less expensive creams I have tested. It also is extremely gentle, and there is no stinging of the eyes which I sometimes experience with high street brands.

The difference to my eye area after just a week of using this product is phenomenal. As the description of the product suggests a 'more remodelled and youthful look' it definitely delivers this and more. The eye area appears plumper, and wrinkles are temporally banished, I love this product!!

The negatives? It has to be the price tag. Although this little bottle would last a while, it is still a lot of money, however you do get what you pay for, and this is a quality product that actually delivers on its claims.

Score out of 10?

It's got to be 9.5. Elemis have done it a again, a product with natural ingredients but made with the cutting edge of science.

However, my quest does not end here...The price tag really makes this a product I would treat myself to once a year, rather than something I could afford to repeat purchase every month. So, can I find something that delivers these results, at a more wallet friendly price?? Watch this space...

Stay beautiful

Stace x


  1. the Elemis Absolute Eye Serum is absolutely amazing! My favourite eye product retails at £26. x

    1. I will have to try the eye serum! £20 - £30 is about what I want to spend on an eye cream.
      Thanks for reading!
      Stace x


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