Friday, 9 March 2012

Tangle Teezer - does it really work?

Happy Friday to you all!
After a great week of OPI collections from Mags, tonight I am going to turn my attentions to hair. I recently won a Tangle Teezer in a Twitter competition. I love Twitter competitions, so easy to enter and a great way for brands to interact with their customers. @tangleteezer asked their followers to describe their hair, my response:

'My hair is like an out of control, unruly teenager, it does what it wants and I spend half my life worrying about it.'

To truly test this product, there is no greater hair to put it through its paces than mine. Thick, long, salon coloured once every 8 weeks, actual hair cuts only two a year, hair dryer or straighteners used on it everyday. It's fair to say my hair is not in great condition...

And so enter, the Tangle Teezer...

The Tangle Teezer packaging

The Tangle Teezer is available in different colours from their website and retails for about £10. This to me seemed quite steep for what is essentially a piece of plastic, but I had an open mind as I had not paid for this one.

The hair guide which describes the hair care
The Tangle Teezer has some high claims to live up to it has to be said, delivering no more tangles, healthy hair and more shine?

I was fairly non-impressed when I first took the Tangle Teezer out of the packaging.

It really doesn't take a great photograph as it isn't the sexiest product out there!

It is small enough to be held by one hand and very light. There are fine bristles of different heights that make up the brush part. It's fair to say that I had low hopes for the product. But how did it perform?

If my hair is a nightmare to brush when it is dry, it's ten times worse when wet, so that is when I first used it. And impressed I was!! I normally spend ten minutes dragging a wide tooth comb through my knotted hair, reducing myself nearly to tears in the process. This brushed through the knots first time, 30 seconds, done. Yes there are sometimes trickier knots to get through, but this little beauty has proven an amazing time saver in the mornings.

So, let's check, claim one: no more tangles, tick.

Claim two, healthy hair. Now I don't know if my hair is healthier, but looking at the hair that breaks off into my Tangle Teezer, compared to my old brush, there is far less.

And claim three, more shine, this delivers every time. Now in the mornings I don't wash my hair, a quick go over with the Tangle Teezer, and I'm shined up and ready to go!

I am really in love with this product! Of course it won't work for every type of hair, and the cost seems expensive to start with, but now I know what I know, I would fork out the £10 to buy this product.

A product that saves time and produces beautiful results? That's a winning combination for me!

Have you tried the Tangle Teezer yet? What did you think? Or do you have another product that delivers results on abused hair? Please let us know by commenting!

Thanks for reading and stay beautiful!

Stace x

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  1. I just got one of these recently and I like it too. I don't have much hair but I'm glad to see it worked with your thick hair!


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