Tuesday, 28 February 2012

All dressed up...

Hope you're having a lovely week! Tonight I wanted to share what I wore on my birthday night out, and I promise this is my last birthday related blog!! Hopefully you read all about Mags' outfit and make-up on Friday night, in Spring has sprung into my wardrobe and make-up

Here's what I wore:

Dress: Marks and Spencer, Bag: Ben Di Lisi
from Debenhams, Flower: H&M,
 Belt: The belt from my wedding dress
Regular readers will know how much I love a bargain, and this was found in the sale for £9 reduced from £65!!! I had wanted a classic black satin dress for a long time, and kept looking in Coast as I like the style there, but found nothing until this came along in Marks and Spencer! I felt it needed pinching in at the waist slightly, and so used the satin belt from my wedding dress, tying a bow in the back, perfect!

And my make-up:

Sparkly eyes for party time and subtle lips
I made my eyes up similar to how I did in this past post using Bourjois products. My foundation was Estee Lauder double wear, and I opted for a subtle lip colour as it was a family occasion and this was also Estee Lauder.

One product I used I wanted to focus on in more detail, was my base product Bare Minerals Bare Vitamins Rev-er Upper.

Bare Minerals Rev-er Upper
retails for about £15 for 68ml

This product is described as a 'multivitamin facial prep'. I use this product when I would normally use a primer, underneath my foundation. It goes on very easily and soaks in quickly, leaving a silky finish to the face, perfect for applying foundation.

The end result is that pores appear non-existent, and fine lines also reduced, allowing you to create a perfect flawless face! It really makes a difference having a decent base under the make-up, and this product always helps to deliver my final, glowing make-up look.

Finally, I just wanted to share with you a couple of photos of Me and Mags on Friday night!

Sharing a cosmopolitan after eating lobster in the Chinese!

A glass of champagne to finish of the evening!
Stay Beautiful!

Stace x


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