Thursday, 23 February 2012

My own homemade, special, facial oil

When last year on holiday, I went to a spice plantation where I’ve learned a bit about different plants and their healing properties. As I like to experiment with beauty products and my skin is super sensitive, I thought: ‘why not try it?!’ so I picked a couple of oils that from reading the description ticked all of my boxes! 

After a quick conversation with a lady behind the counter of the gift shop there, I found out that I can actually create my own, bespoke, facial oil! What a result! Not only I got the oils for a fraction of the UK price for any facial oil (!) but also I’d be able to create a product that is suitable for my own skin! Fantastic!

The two oils I bought are:

From the left: Lemongrass oil and Almond oil with a pipette to help measure the products
With the oils I’ve received a little ‘cheat sheet’ that explained the main use of the product, the healing properties and how to mix the two to get the best result. So, as I believe in the natural properties of different oils and plants, I decided to try it at home! (Click on the photo below to enlarge it!)

The cheat sheet stating the properties of the oil and way to prepare the facial mixture

I’ve mixed my oils together in an old oil container from a different brand, just like prescribed above and started using it! Every time I use it, I only need three little drops in the palm of my hand, then I rub the hands together and distribute the product evenly on the face with smooth circular, outward moves, avoiding the eye area! The product goes evenly on the skin and sinks in almost instantly! 

The finished product, ready to use!

I found the smell of the lemongrass a bit overpowering at the beginning but decided to add a bit more of the almond oil and stick to it for a few days and see what happens. After about a week, I’ve got used to the smell and my face absolutely loves the product! I use it day and night and my skin feels great! I feel more relaxed and whenever I experience breakouts, they heal quicker and disappear in no time! 

As I’ve never knew how to create my own beauty product, I always spend lots of money on the potions! Now I’m so happy that I’m using something that helps my skin and I blend it together myself! 

Do you use a facial oil? What oil is your favourite? Share with us either by commenting below or on Twitter @beautyu.

Stay beautiful!

Mags xx


  1. Replies
    1. Hi and thank you for reading! I do agree with you! It's really cool, especially as I'm using now something I blended together :))
      Many thanks, Mags xx

  2. This is a great idea! I've heard of quite a few people making their own products, usually face masks and things. This just makes me wish I'd retained more infomation when I went on a spice tour last summer in Zanzibar, although I remember them mentioning more about how the fruits and spices can be used in cooking and for your health than for cosmetic purposes. I'm tempted to do a bit of research and try and make my own :)

    Steph xx

    1. Hi, Thank you for your beautiful comment! I love to learn how to create my own beauty products! At least I know what's inside and that the end product won't harm my skin! If I find a reliable source I'll let you know! Many thanks, Mags xx

  3. This is such a great idea, very beneficial X

    1. Many thanks for your comment! It really is beneficial, espceially that I used to suffer with very sensitive skin that broke out all the time. Knowing what's inside the products I use is very important to me! Thank you, Mags xx


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