Monday, 10 May 2010

My beauty secret - micellaire solution

My beauty secret - micellaire solution

I love spring… maybe with less rain and more sunshine but still I love this time of the year! It’s that time when my house and my facial routine needs spring clean action!

Last year I fell ill in May and the skin on my face went off track after a number of medications I was taking. My beautician said that it may take as long as a year for my skin to fully recover and she was right! I look (and feel) much better now… and it’s just about a year later!

During that year I have not rested on my laurels, though. I kept researching and trying ever so new products until I found what I think works best for my skin – micellaire solution! It’s a calming cleansing solution that works perfect for sensitive skin. It soothes irritated and fragile skin, cleanses face, eyes and lips perfectly without rubbing, and rinsing is not required.

Purete Thermale Solution Micellaire from Vichy is one of the ‘wonder’ products that I use at present. It’s available on high street for less than a tenner. You can find different brands selling this cleansing solution; however, not all of them are available in the UK. Hence, during my recent trip to Europe I purchased several different products of micellaire solution and my task now is to keep you posted of which one is the best of them all. As for now, I can tell you that Purete Thermale cleared my skin so much that my friend, whom I haven't seen since Christmas, said that I look like I've never had skin problems before. It was great to hear such a complement.

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Mags x

10 May 2010

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