Saturday, 29 May 2010

A bit of designer chic...

A bit of designer chic...
I recently went to Italy on a quick weekend break. I always save my foundation samples from magazines for these short trips where my baggage allowance is so small, and use it as a perfect opportunity to try out some new brands. So, while rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous, and staring lovingly into the Chanel, Prada and Gucci shops (although never brave enough to enter!) I decided to try some of the 'designer' brands foundations.

First up was Dior skin nude, fond de teint fluide, 030 med beige.
Much darker than any one would ever sell to me in a shop, I thought I would give it a go anyway. Very creamy application, seemed like it would be more appropriate for mature skin. It sat quite heavily in my wrinkles and creases, and all day I felt like I was wearing foundation, which is not a good thing in my book!

As the day wore on, it settled down, I loved the sun kissed colour, but as stated before, it would never match my skin, and did result in a bit of an unsightly line around the neck. At the end of the day it came off easily and was non drying. I also very much enjoyed staring at the window display of Dior in Florence, in the great knowledge I was wearing Dior foundation on my skin! 6/10

Second, Chanel Vitaluminere, fluide de teint eclat.
The colour was lighter for a start, the coverage was not great, and I still had to apply concealer on blemishes. It did feel very silky and I did not feel like I was wearing make up. It gave me a natural glow, almost like I had been running (and no that was not the wine!). It came off very easily. 8/10

Third, staying with Chanel, Mat Lumiere.
This is undoubtedly my favourite. Complete coverage, no feel of foundation on my skin and a gorgeous luminescent colour. Easy to take off and also leaves skin feeling silky smooth. Photos of the day I wore this made my skin look incredible! I am almost swayed between giving up my trusty foundation and moving onto something altogether more classy and chic...almost!!! 9/10

Keep those little samples you get in women's magazines cos you never know when they might come in handy!

Stay Beautiful!

Stace x

29th May 2010

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