Wednesday, 16 June 2010

The Perfect Scent - the results!!!

The Perfect Scent - the results!!

The results are in...they have been counted and verified...and we can reveal that the winner of the wedding scent for Stace's wedding 2010 is...(drum roll)

Marc Jacobs 'Daisy'.

How did you arrive at this winner I hear you cry...
There are so many perfumes on the market these days, it is a complete mind field. The spec was simple, something light and fruity for the Mediterranean wedding.
With so many heavy scents on the market it was easy to eliminate many of the popular perfumes (Chanel no 5, Estee Lauder Sensuous...)

Daisy had the right mixture of taking me back to my youth, to a time when I was carefree mixed with my adult self who now has responsibilities. It has elements of playfulness and seriousness all packaged in one adorable bottle.
The fruity scents are perfect for the summer wedding, but the underlying musk lingers into the warm, close evenings.

The final decider was the beautiful daisy delicately positioned on top of the bottle. My soon to husband and I wasted many a Saturday afternoon picnicking and making daisy chains. And what is even better, the travel version I purchased, fits neatly in my wedding handbag, and can travel in hand luggage with no risk of losing it along the way. I think I have fallen in love...with a scent...
Stay and smell beautiful.

Stace x

16th June 2010

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