Wednesday, 28 April 2010

The Perfect Scent

The Perfect Scent

I got to thinking the other day how smell is such a powerful sense, and how the scent of something can really take us back. The smell of fresh cut grass reminds me of running through the fields in the heat of the summer sun, a coconut body lotion reminds me of a summer spent in Greece, and Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess reminds me of my favourite holidays. We often spend years trying to find the right scent for ourselves, and change the scent according to event, time of year and mood. And a scent has the power to uplift us and make us beautiful. I rarely leave the house without any make-up on, but on the odd occasion I have done, I have always walked through a mist of perfume. It has the ability to make us feel beautiful, truly beautiful from the inside out.
And so reader, here is my quest. I am getting married in 5 months, and am after finding the perfect scent. It has to be something timeless, that will always (hopefully!) bring back happy memories of fun, love and my favourite people being together. Do I stick with an old trusty from Chanel, or branch into something from Nina Ricci. (That's the power of Glee sponsorship for you ;-))
My wedding is to be a laid back affair abroad, so something light and romantic, but summery and fruity would be ideal. Answers on a postcard please. (well the digital version of a postcard.) Tweet us @beautyu or email at Please get involved!
Stay (and smell!) beautiful!
Stace x
P.S - Mags will be back next week with her great skin care high street finds!
28th April 2010

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