Monday, 1 February 2010

Winter-proof your skin!

Winter-proof your skin!

Harsh winds and freezing temperatures can only signal one thing - dry, flaky, chapped-skin season. At Beautiful You we don't allow the cold weather to chap and chafe you. Below are our winter skin survival secrets :

1. Swap your lotion or foaming cleanser with a creamy, richer cleanser that will help nourish and balance your skin. During the winter months I use the luxurious creamy Pro-Radiance Cleanser by Elemis. Its rich consistency leaves my skin supple and clean, ready for another step.

2. Exfoliation will buff away the dead cells that might otherwise dull the complexion. It also stimulates cell production. Don't overdo it, though. Over-enthusiastic scrubbing can undermine the skin's barrier function. I tend to exfoliate twice weekly; however, in the winter months, I like to use the Tri-enzyme Facial Wash, which enhances the non-abrasive exfoliation process and replenishes moisture.

3. Layer your skin with hydrating serum or oil under your moisturiser. That will allow the moisture to penetrate deep into the cells, nourishing the skin.

4. Don't let the winter gloom deceive you! Even though you can't see or feel the rays of sunshine on your skin, the UV rays that can cause lines and wrinkles are in the atmosphere all year long. If you are concerned about premature ageing, invest in a sunscreen or UV filter that you can layer on top of your moisturiser. Remember, for better protection re-apply during the day.

5. Central heating in your home or office is also causing your skin to feel dehydrated. You can counteract the drying effects by placing a bowl of water near the radiator to put more moisture back into the air.

6. Remember about your lips! During the cold months not only your skin suffers. Lips also need looking after to ensure they stay super-smooth. To de-flake dry lips, massage with a gentle exfoliator than rinse off. Put on a good lip balm morning and night, and keep that routine every day to avoid the horrible look of chapped and sore lips that often misrepresent these cold but beautiful winter months.

We're hoping that the above tips are going to help you survive the remaining winter months. Remember to be positive and stay beautiful!

Stace & Mags X

1st February 2010

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