Sunday, 21 February 2010

Blissful time

Blissful time

Everybody deserves some ‘me’ time especially when daily hassles leave us drained and stressed out. Last Thursday, both of us experienced the most fantastic Continental facial. The main difference between this and other facials lays in the technique of the face, shoulder and neck massage. The whole experience lasted an amazing hour and a half and left us both feeling blissful for the whole weekend!

We’re aware that not everybody can find time or the budget for a session in a professional salon. However, there is no reason to stop you from taking the time to enjoy yourself. There are just a few steps to get you into that blissful state!

Simply, plan to spend 40 minutes on pampering yourself. Lock yourself in the bathroom, light some candles and run a bubble bath. While the bath is filling with water you cleanse, tone, exfoliate and tone your face again. As you cleanse and exfoliate make sure that you use circular movements that start from your neck upwards avoiding eye area.

Once your face is ready for a quiet pampering, choose a mask you like the most or one that your skin seems to need at that moment. Once you layer it evenly, soak two cotton pads in your toner and place it carefully on the edge of your bath tub. Get into the bath and once you make yourself comfortable, place the cotton pads one on each eye and relax. Fifteen minutes later you will feel relaxed and ready to take the mask off. To do so, take a little face sponge or a muslin cloth, rinse with warm lurk water. When the mask is off, tone before applying moisturiser.

Now you’re relaxed and ready to face the world outside the bathroom! Stay beautiful!

Mags & Stace xx

21 February 2010

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