Friday, 5 February 2010

10 days perfect skin routine tips for Valentine's Day romance

Perfect skin in 10 days for Valentine's Day romance

Winter lasted for so long that a thought of upcoming Valentine’s Day fills us with happiness. It’s time when many think of romance. Whether you plan to spend the day with someone special or make plans for yourself, you will like to have a sexy skin for Valentine’s Day. There are just a few steps to perfect skin and you can make it on time for that perfect day!


  • Every day routine (morning and night) includes cleansing, toning, using non-abrasive exfoliation (daily scrubs or tri-enzyme wash), toning again, serum or oil (oil preferably at night), and moisturising. We won’t go into more depths of the daily routine but today we'll focus on the tips for any imperfections.

Tips that can help to boost your routine and make your skin look glowing!

  • Exfoliate:

Twice weekly use a face scrub to take off any dead skin and impurities that make your skin look dull and unhealthy, and may create spots. Use scrub that best suits your skin type. One of our favourites is Gentle Face Exfoliator by Liz Earle. Smells fantastically fresh! Keep exfoliating and you’ll see the amazing results in your skin!

  • Masks:

We’ve never believed in the power of facial masks until we used one! Facial masks can make wonders and are able to take years off your skin! Choose a mask that is suitable for your skin type (combination/oily skin – purifying mask, dry skin – moisturising, mature skin – lifting, ect.). The results will give you a beautiful look and the more you use masks the better the results.

If you have Elemis’ Pro-Collagen Quartz Lift Mask, use it for 10 days as a night cream and your skin will be lifted, plumped and beautiful with fine lines reduced! For misbehaving skin, like ours, use a clay mask (our fav is Decleor’s Instant Purifying Mask) every night but only on the spot area. The spot is gone (or diminished) in the morning and you’re ready to face the world again!


  • Exfoliate:

Your body, as your face, needs exfoliating, as well. Use body scrub (which is harsher than a face one) twice or even three times a week during your shower. That will help your body to shed the dead skin and bring out the healthy look.

  • Moisturise:

A good body lotion is another tool in your arsenal to moisturize the skin and give it a plump, smooth texture. There are a number of quality lotions on the market. The one we use at present is L’Occitane’s Shea Body Lotion, which fabulously moisturises the skin.Apply your cream or lotion to slightly damp skin and it will help lock in the moisture and make your skin silky smooth ready for the loving touch.

Enjoy your sexy skin on Valentine’s Day and every day afterwards! Stay Beautiful!

Stace & Mags xx

5 February, 2010

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