Friday, 22 January 2010

Feet First

Feet First
We're not getting our feet out to put in Christmas party shoes, and we're not getting them ready for the beach, so why are we talking about pedicures in January? Well at Beautyu we think beauty should be about how you feel, and nothing makes you feel more beautiful than pampered feet! So here is out step by step guide to the at home pedicure.

1. Soak your feet in lukewarm water for twenty minutes. I tend to add my fave bath milk to the water. At the moment I just love Elemis skin nourishing milk bath.

2. Next use a foot scrub to massage away rough skin. Liz Earle foot scrub is perfect for this and leaves a lovely peppermint smell.

3. Towel dry the feet and use a foot file to smooth away any dead skin.

4. Cut the toe nails and file the nails straight across to get rid of any jagged edges.

5. Using toe separators, paint the colour of your choice in strokes away from your body over your toe nails, careful not to apply too much. Leave to dry and repeat. For my manicure I have chosen to use OPI Bogota Blackberry. Pick your favourite colour on the OPI website.

6. Final step once the nails are dry is to smother your feet in foot cream and place a special pair of moisturising socks on to ensure feet are soft and smooth. Two of my favourite creams are OPI callus softener and Liz Earle foot repair cream.

Your feet are now gorgeous and ready to where! It makes us feel beautiful by pampering our feet and having lovely colours neatly painted on our toe nails. Try it, it's guaranteed to put a smile on your face this January!

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Stay Beautiful!
Stace & Mags x

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