Saturday, 3 December 2011

Nivea - The Kate Middleton effect

Our monthly guest blogger Sam is back to tell us her views on the Nivea moisturisers!

In one way or another I’m sure you would have all seen the royal wedding earlier in the year and fallen in love with our new English princess, Kate Middleton. She captured the nation’s hearts with her natural elegance, decorum and fairy tale wedding. What also followed from this was a nation that watched her every move – what Kate wears sells out the minute she is seen out in public, places she visits become the most popular holiday destinations and the day she nipped into Boots sparked nationwide interest in a budget day cream; Nivea Visage – pure and natural.

Well needless to say I also followed in her foot steps (who wouldn’t kill for a complexion like hers?!) My thoughts? Well I wasn’t overly impressed with the pure and natural range soothing day cream – I found it sort of sat on top of my skin and then disappeared, not really soaking in or moisturising (perhaps Kate had better luck than me?) However, in its defence, a cream is very dependent on a person’s skin type so whilst I purchased one from the ‘pure and natural’ range I also got a rich moisturising day cream from the Nivea Visage range (that was even cheaper). Bingo this one works beautifully with my skin.

My skin is soft without being greasy and the cream really soaks in. I have always been an advocate for the ‘high street’ beauty products – especially as you can find yourself trying out a few different creams until you find the right one for your skin type (this can be costly if you are using high end products). Although I may be changing my opinion as I get a bit older and my skin starts to wrinkle and lose its firmness!

But for now the best advice I can give when looking for day creams, which may not be what you want to hear, is to try a few out until you find your perfect match. For some this may happen first time (lucky!)and others could get through quite a few. I believe the cheaper face creams are just as good and therefore not such an expensive trial to find the right product. Just to throw another spanner in the works ... once you’ve found the right one this will most definitely not be for life! I can tell you now I think I’ve been through every brand on the high street, partly because I’m a brand switcher and will go with what offers I can find, but mainly because my skin seems to be constantly changing and what used to be effective is no longer offering the same results!

Stay Beautiful!

Sam x


  1. I wish you could just buy a cream that turns your own face into Kate's. Millions of problems solved! X

  2. Yes that would be the answer!! If only! xx

  3. I am very much a brand switcher too and probably always will be! Until I can afford to buy Creme De La Mer again that is! x x

  4. Ha ha! I think I find one I love and then I want to try something new! x


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