Wednesday, 24 August 2011

The wait is nearly over for Liz Earle colour!

The wait is nearly over for Liz Earle colour!

It was only a matter of time before skincare genius Liz Earle launched a make- up range, and from the 15th September, her first make up product 'Sheer skin tint' will be launched.

So, is this new product any good?
Well, firstly I am so happy they decided to launch this product with a box. Many of their products don't come boxed, and I know it is more environmentally friendly, but when competing in the make-up market, all high end brands are boxed, and the point of make-up is to make a lady feel extra special - right! And I was very excited when I first opened up the little black box. Doing their bit for the environment, Liz Earle have said that when the product is ordered by mail they will provide samples of all three shades for the customer to try before opening their order to ensure the right shade has been selected and cut down on wastage. This is a nice touch, well done Liz!

The tint comes in a black squeezy bottle. It is a handy size for travelling and similar to brands like Laura Geller. I like the tube, and it is easy to squeeze the product out. It also means you can cut the top of when you get down to the dregs, not like those glass foundation bottles where you always waste at least a months worth of product! The product itself is very lightweight, and feels quite silky on the skin, the application is easy, and only a little is needed, I think I put a bit too much on! It does not feel like there is a lot of product on the skin, or cloggy in the way some foundations do. I love that this product has SPF 15, and it is a mineral sunscreen, much more natural and kind to the skin.

The actual product looks really natural on my skin, it is definitely a no make-up look make-up. I would probably want more coverage for a going out look, but for an everyday to the office look this product is perfect. Ladies who are afraid of heavy foundations will love this product. The dewy look is very fresh and radiant, although I would often go for something more matte looking, I like this look, it feels very effortless, where as with matte it is very clear make up has been applied. I like this product, quick and easy to use, and I love the effect.

My one complaint would be there are only a choice of 3 colours - Bare, beige and beach. I have tried the bare, which for my fair skin is probably fine in the depths of the winter, but I would need a tiny hint of colour in the Summer. Having said that, I am happy with the finished result, as you can see in the picture below.
The product which will be available from Liz Earle from the 15th September 2011, and will be £21.00 for 40ml, a good price when you consider similar product retailing for nearly £30.

And what's really exciting about this is there will hopefully be more make-up to come from Liz Earle! Finally a make up brand that is made to look after our skin, and looks great!

This is guaranteed to be a big seller, so get in the queue!

Stay beautiful!

Stace x

24th August 2011

PS - Mags is on holiday this week, and I can't wait to hear what she thinks of this product!

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