Thursday, 18 August 2011

Source of life – my new beauty discovery

Source of life – my new beauty discovery

Recently, I’ve made a new beauty discovery! You may think it’s trivial but it made all the difference in my life and helped with my well-being! I’m not going to keep you in suspense any longer – my latest beauty secret is WATER! … and not glass or two a day but litres and litres, as much as possible!

I used to suffer from dreadful migraines, break out on my skin were uncontrollable and I felt tired and drained. Nowadays, I drink more than 2litres of water daily and I sleep well - wake up rested and happy, have fewer headaches (with sporadic migraines) and my skin looks more rejuvenated, plumped and healthy!

Benefits of drinking water

There are lots of different benefits of drinking water starting with the obvious ones like hydration and thirst quenching, through to the more medical and life saving ones:

  • Reverses aging – it’s plumping the skin, helps reducing fine lines, keeps skin younger for longer – no more prune-like skin and crow’s feet on the face!
  • Eliminates body waste and toxins – it helps with weight loss by regulating metabolism,
  • Makes people happier – helps the body naturally replenish its supply of the serotonin,
  • Prevents sleep disorders – hydration helps produce melatonin (sleep regulator),
  • Energises the body and mind - water generates energy in every body cell, providing a natural power boost, and a well hydrated brain is continually energized to imprint new information in its memory banks,
  • Prevents some medical conditions, i.e. headaches
  • Reduces water retention – dehydration can cause your body to retain fluid, so drinking more water will help release the retained water.

Skin has the ability to perspire to cool and regulate body temperature; therefore, it’s misleading to only drink water when it’s hot outside. Adequate water intake is essential and needs to be constant, to promote a healthier skin, body and mind.

Stay beautiful! Drink plenty of water!

Mags x
18 August 2011

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